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Market observatory
public pool renovation

The best way to inform people about public pool renovat...

19 Sep 2017
Whether upgrading or modernizing communal pools, the time comes when renovations are required to ...
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Pool Design Gallery contest

D-30: Registration opening for Pool Design Gallery

15 Sep 2017
The Piscine Global network supports and encourages the design and architecture of exceptional swi...
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communal pool maintenance

Choose the right cleaning robot for your commun...

15 Sep 2017
Welcoming regular bathers, families and older people to a swimming pool calls for perfect organiz...
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Chauffer une piscine écologique avec l'énergie solaire

Find out how solar energy can help you heat a po...

05 Sep 2017
Want to make a pool usable during cooler months? No problem: you just have to heat the water. The...
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Piscine Global Europe 2016: innovation in the spotlight

Piscine Global Europe 2016: innovation in the sp...

29 Aug 2017
For the last 30 years, Piscine Global has been an essential link for pool and spa professionals. ...
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piscine global europe 2016

Discover the new names of Piscine Global's ...

22 Aug 2017
Piscine Global has decided to rename its activities to stick as much as possible to the market of...
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10 fun facts about pools

10 fun facts about swimming pools!

09 Aug 2017
Ever wondered where you’ll find the biggest, deepest or highest pools in the world? If so, sit ba...
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Evolution pool market

The evolution of the pool market over the last 4...

22 Aug 2017
Today, the swimming pool is no longer a luxury product. As time’s passed, it’s attained mass appe...
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