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Market observatory
Pool Design Gallery contest

D-30: Registration opening for Pool Design Gallery

15 Sep 2017
The Piscine Global network supports and encourages the design and architecture of exceptional swi...
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10 fun facts about pools

10 fun facts about swimming pools!

09 Aug 2017
Ever wondered where you’ll find the biggest, deepest or highest pools in the world? If so, sit ba...
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2 femmes au spa

5 spa innovations to make your establishment sta...

21 Jun 2017
Today’s top spas are embracing innovation: introducing all kinds of features to create an amazing...
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pool design color

Mastering pool design: how to control the color ...

07 Jun 2017
The color of a pool can have a huge impact on its appeal. It’s a key factor in overall pool desig...
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pool house design

5 designs de pool houses qui changent tout

15 Mar 2017
These days, people don’t just want a pool to have somewhere to take a dip. What they really want ...
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Pool vision : l'architecture et le design à l'honneur

Pool Vision: architecture and design in the spot...

22 Mar 2017
Pool Vision is an international architecture and interior design competition, open to all qualifi...
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indoor pool

Pool Vision Contest: the 11 most stunning indoor...

23 Feb 2017
Last year’s Pool Vision Contest, the biggest and most famous pool and spa design competition in t...
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3 approches du design de piscine vues par les professionnels

3 approaches to design as seen by pool professio...

03 Jan 2017
Design, in ordinary language, evokes aestheticism. In the language used by pool professionals, de...
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