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Asian swimming pool

A snapshot of the Indonesian pool market

16 May 2017
Following our recent Pool Summit in Asia, we’ve decided to focus on one of the region’s most exci...
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Wellness industry: what's the outlook for pool and spa professionals?

11 Apr 2017
​ The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) estimates that wellness is now a $3.72 trillion global ind...
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L’aquafitness : un marché en pleine forme

The aquafitness market is in great shape

22 Mar 2017
The aquafitness market is a perfect example of balance between offer and demand. This activity me...
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Le marché de la piscine et du spa proche d’un nouveau record en 2016

The pool and spa market is nearing a record high

23 Mar 2017
2016 was the most successful year for the French pool and spa sector in a decade. Its turnover ...
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Marché asiatique de la piscine : 5 bonnes raisons d’y plonger !

5 good reasons to dive in the Asian swimming pool market

20 Mar 2017
In Vietnam, the GDP increases every year by around 6% (1). And this is but one example: Asian c...
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Focus sur le marché asiatique de la piscine et du spa avec Piscine Global Asia

21 Jan 2017
Les 5 et 6 avril 2017, à l’hôtel Marina Bay Sands de Singapour, se tiendra le prochain salon Pisc...
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Focus sur le marché asiatique de la piscine et du spa avec Piscine Global Asia

Zoom in on the Asian pools and spas market with Piscine Global Asia

10 Jan 2017
On April 5 and 6, 2017, at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, the next Piscine Global Asia ...
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Installing a pool: everything you need to know about taxes

06 Sep 2016
One question that many potential pool buyers ask is this: how much they are going to get fleeced ...
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