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Sensory deprivation, the new wellness trend

Sensory deprivation: the wellness trend resurfaces

09 May 2018
Intense relaxation in a state of weightlessness, without leaving dry land? Yes, it’s possible, th...
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Trophées piscine spa 2017

2017 Pool and Spa Awards

20 Feb 2018
The Pool and Spa Awards are presented to pool sector specialists and their new products. As each ...
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TOP 5 of the best videos from our YouTube channel in 2017

06 Feb 2018
Little retrospective from 2017 accross the best videos from our YouTube channel. Enjoy ! 1.     ...
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The Pool Design Contest

05 Feb 2018
The Pool Design Contest, previously Pool Vision, has been created in order to highlight the creat...
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Pool maintenance: detecting and managing leaks

Essential pool maintenance: detecting and managing leaks

14 Dec 2017
Maintaining pools, whether they’re public or private, requires a great deal of care and attention...
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Pool maintenance: what you need to know about pool dehumidification

Pool maintenance: what you need to know about pool dehumidification

21 Nov 2017
Covered and indoor pools have many advantages: ideal air temperature, year-round bathing, intimac...
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Les dernières innovations spa pour installer un sauna dans un petit espace

No room? No problem! Choosing the right sauna for your small space

17 Oct 2017
Gyms, health clubs, your neighbor’s backyard... saunas are seemingly everywhere these days. The c...
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communal pool maintenance

Choose the right cleaning robot for your communal pool!

15 Sep 2017
Welcoming regular bathers, families and older people to a swimming pool calls for perfect organiz...
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