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inondation piscine ou spa

Cleaning a flooded pool or spa

26 Feb 2018
Harsh weather regularly causes major damage to pools and spas, particularly in areas prone to hur...
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Pool and sustainable development trends

Sustainable development trends in the swimming pool sector

28 Sep 2017
Whether in a private or public pool, bathing in water that's clean and warm involves considerable...
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Chauffer une piscine écologique avec l'énergie solaire

Find out how solar energy can help you heat a pool

05 Sep 2017
Want to make a pool usable during cooler months? No problem: you just have to heat the water. The...
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poolside plants

Creating a pool-side paradise: discover the best poolside plants!

25 May 2017
There’s so much to think about when you’re planning a new pool. Not just the design and materials...
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Chauffer une piscine collective : deux cas d’école pour allier développement durable et efficacité

Heating a public pool: two textbook cases of how to combine sustainability and efficiency

16 Feb 2017
Heating a public swimming pool is a huge expense… in both financial and energy terms. But times a...
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Top 13 des matériaux et équipements pour une piscine éco-responsable

Top 13 materials and equipment items for an environmentally responsible pool

22 Nov 2016
Environmental awareness has grown considerably in recent years, and this trend is reflected in th...
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bulles piscine

New developments in eco-friendly pumps

03 Jun 2016
Following the COP21, and the enhanced environmental awareness and boom in organic product sales, ...
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