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Sell a sauna: 11 buying criteria

Selling a sauna: 11 buying criteria you need to know about

30 Nov 2017
Viewed as a symbol of wellbeing and relaxation, the wooden cabin lost deep in the Scandinavian fo...
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public pool renovation

The best way to inform people about public pool renovation

19 Sep 2017
Whether upgrading or modernizing communal pools, the time comes when renovations are required to ...
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Evolution pool market

The evolution of the pool market over the last 40 years

22 Aug 2017
Today, the swimming pool is no longer a luxury product. As time’s passed, it’s attained mass appe...
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4 public pool activities that can attract more customers

14 Jun 2017
People no longer come to a public pool just to swim. Swimming may still be the main attraction, b...
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Wellness industry: what's the outlook for pool and spa professionals?

11 Apr 2017
​ The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) estimates that wellness is now a $3.72 trillion global ind...
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piscine tablette

Check the latest pool industry news!

27 Apr 2017
Been too busy to keep up with the pool industry’s latest news? Fear not – here is a selection of ...
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pool house

Introducing the container pool house

19 Apr 2017
They’re strong, attractive and versatile – not to mention sustainable. Meet the market’s latest t...
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water electrolysis

Why understanding salt water electrolysis can help you make a killing!

07 Mar 2017
Understanding peoples’ needs and offering expert advice about their options helps build trust and...
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