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Market observatory
spa innovation and aquafitness

Discover our latest spa and aquafitness innovations!

08 Dec 2017
Combining fitness and relaxation in often luxurious surroundings, the water wellness phenomenon -...
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Les démonstrations en situation réelle sur Piscine Global Europe : un franc succès !

Product demonstration in real-life situations at Piscin...

08 Jan 2017
It was an event all the exhibitors and visitors had been eagerly awaiting! The Piscine exhibiti...
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Wellness au Moyen-Orient : le cas de Dubaï

The wellness sector in the Middle East: the case...

22 Aug 2017
The United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Dubai in particular, represent a relatively new growth market...
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Petit tour du monde du wellness et du spa en chiffres

Taking a look at the wellness and spa world with...

23 Jun 2016
The wellness sector is in very good health: all the indicators show that this market is in full...
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pertosa design

Offre spa: focus on growing market

09 Sep 2014
Since the early 2000, The spa has democratized.Despite a small market and very diffuse, sales to ...
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