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POOL DESIGN GALLERY 2014 - Europe - The most beautiful swimming pool for tourism and leisure

Rehabilitation and extension of the swimming pool of Bagneux 500x500-PDG.png

  • Architect: Dominique Coulon & Associés
  • Project leader: Dominique Coulon / Benjamin Rocchi
  • Location: Bagneux, France

PDG-PG-2014-tourism.JPG  Bagneux 2_Credit David Romero Uzeda.jpg   Bagneux 3_Credit David Romero Uzeda.jpg

Photo credits: Clément Guillaume & David Romero Uzeda
©Dominique Coulon & associés  

This rehabilitation is currently being undertaken in the context of the redevelopment of the urban zone in which the project is located. The project has been designed in anticipation of the future extension of the metro line, with its entrance turned towards the future station located east of the site. The projected façades will not be higher than the ones of the existing building (14.5 m) in order to obtain architectural harmony.

Our project asserts its aim to completely transform the image of the building through its rehabilitation and extension. The extension is built in very pale grey architectonic concrete. The appearance of the concrete is similar to a beautiful stone and is a durable material. For greater harmony, the existing building has been insulated from the outside and coated with cement in a similar tint to the concrete used for the extension. This mineral aspect extends to the inside, the ground of the entrance hall being made of opus incertum layers of Luzern quartzite. The large volume provides a roomy and spacious public zone. The signage on the façade, in a scale in keeping with the size of the building, is well structured, clear and legible. The large portico acts as a giant sunshade: it acts as a vertical counterpart to the beach outside. Further on, we can see the simple and cubic areas created by the paddling pool and the hammam. This project is designed to create a venue that stops time.

The area leading to the saunas and the hamman is bathed in a strange, aquatic light. On the first level, we have created a sort of horizontal porthole positioned at the bottom of the paddling pool. The opalescent glass plate gives off soft, blue-toned light, which undulates with the ripples in the pool. Further on, we have placed the relaxation room, with a subdued light revealing its curved shapes. A fine, round window opens out onto a vegetal garden. On the first floor, the architecture of the existing main room (which comprises two pools) has not been modified. The slanting structure has been enhanced and the acoustic ceiling have been smoothened. We have subtly played with slanting elements to give a more modern touch to this space. The paddling pool has been designed to be a main feature in its own right. The big bay window located at the top of the shell inundates the small pool with sunlight.

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