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POOL DESIGN GALLERY 2016 - Europe - The most beautiful swimming pool for tourism and leisure

Les sources du haut plateau 500x500-PDG.png

  • Architect: 107 ARCHITECTURE
  • Project leader: Lionel THABARET
  • Location: Saint Bonnet de Froid, FRANCE

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The site proposed for the project is located in the mountains, at an altitude of 1117 m, in the village of Saint Bonnet de Froid in the Haute-Loire department (Central France). The plot of land, which is in the southern part of the village, offers 250° panoramic views over a landscape consisting of mountains, hills and forests.

This aquatic centre, named "Les Sources du Haut Plateau", specialises in wellness, relaxation and nature. it is part of the Relais et Chateaux association of independent hotels and restaurants owned by 3-star chef Regis Marcon.

The building has two levels, with the upper floor accommodating the “Torrent" and the wellness centre, while the garden level comprises activity rooms and the plant rooms. The total surface area amounts to 750m2.

The building offers spectacular views over wide-open spaces, the common areas are all bathed in natural light, and the harmonious materials convey an atmosphere of well-being.

The project is a "sculptural object" impelling a different direction and dimension in its setting while remaining in keeping with the natural features around the site. As such, bathers can pass through "rocks" to swim in the gorges.

The shape of the building consists of trapeziums that are suggestive of a pile of rocks and resemble cliffs. The facility is positioned so as to provide unobstructed panoramic views towards the south from the pools, the indoor decking and the outdoor terraces.

The architectural objective was to create meanders and canyons shaped by the torrent in the rock. The indoor façades form canyons consisting of grey stained concrete, with cascades flowing down them. The gorges of the torrent are bathed in natural light from the glazed roof panels. It ends with a bay window fitted with immersed glazing, and with an outdoor hot tub overlooking the valley. To accentuate the illusion of a canyon, we created two glazed roof panels above the pool.

On the south side, the pool offers a view over the valley and features built-in bubble benches equipped with wooden head rests, as well as seating and a indoor and outdoor hot tub.

Among the innovations of note, the foot showers spray an anti-fungal product on the bathers' feet.

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