The pool lifestyle with the Piscine Global network

The pool lifestyle with the Piscine Global network



Piscine Global, the international swimming pool and wellness network

Piscine Global is an international network. The image becomes lighter, more precise and more modern to meet the needs of pool and spa professionals. The Piscine Global network brings together 4 industry-leading trade fairs:

  • Piscine Global Europe,
  • Piscine Global Asia,
  • Piscine Global Middle East,
  • Piscine Global Brasil.


Piscine Global, a network gathering the leading swimming pool and wellness events!

The widest and most comprehensive offering to meet the market’s expectations :

  • Residential : For the private, residential pools
  • Commercial : For public pools (public organisations or private entities)
  • Outdoor : Dedicated to outdoor equipment and pool surroundings
  • Wellness : Dedicated to wellness and fitness (spa, sauna, hammam, fitness equipment…)


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