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Frederic Francis/POOL VISION 2014: “Ambition, motivation, passion…. and up with landscaping !”

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Frederic Francis is one of the competitors POOL VISION 2014 with a project in the mountainous hinterland of Lebanon, at an altitude of about 1500m.

Encounter with this famous landscape architect who chose this profession because of a deep passion and respect for nature, feelings dating back to his early childhood …

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After obtaining a certificate for Landscape Design in France 1988, Frederick Francis graduated in Belgium as a landscape architect in 1992. Frederic Francis won several competitions for projects in Lebanon and abroad during the 12 years, which earned him a wide reputation. Since his return to Lebanon 1993, Frederick Francis directs Landscape Ltd., founded by her mother, Traude Francis, in 1987, currently working on large-scale projects across the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Hello Frederick !

You have a project competing for trophies Swimming Pool Global vision 2014, pcan want you describe your project ?

The project in question is a private estate of approximately 6.000 sqm located in the mountainous hinterland of Lebanon, at an altitude of about 1500m. This feature offers beautiful scenery. The residence is located on the upper part of the field and opens towards the horizon giving rise to spectacular views. The sloping and steep terrain allowed us to develop the terraced garden that they succeed in gardens themes: garden reception, swimming pool, terrace, kitchen garden, amphithèatre etc., all in a natural amphitheater offered by the topography.

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©Fares Jammal 

What are the strengths of this project?

  • The stunning views towards the surrounding landscape
  • The succession of themed areas
  • The oval infinity pool that acts as a mirror in water, an essential asset in the design of this residence.
  • The Taming of the rocky nature s’ fits into the garden and pool.
  • The alpine-type vegetation is tree, shrubs and ground covers
  • The integration of the pool area in the slope of the landscape in order to enhance the central axis landscape …

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©Fares Jammal

Nature is very present at the scene, there also has topographical, how do you integrate this project into the environment?

Nature is arid in summer, there is snow in winter. The choice of plant is adapted to climatic conditions. In addition, the topography of the site was an important factor in the concept of the garden, namely that the steep slopes have created the landscaped platforms that conform to the topography. The valley is integrated into garden.

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©Fares Jammal 

How can this be happening for suppliers, you have a network site?

We have a network of suppliers who import from India, China, Turkey, Jordan, etc.

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©Fares Jammal

Do you still have incredible projects like this ?

We have hundreds of projects across Europe, Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. Our work : residential, commercial, recreational areas, public parks and urban development projects.

More information

And to directly contact Frederic FRANCIS : [email protected]


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