Piscine: focus on the trends

06 Sep 2016
Marketing & sales

The pool sector is changing constantly: new products and services related to comfort, pool safety or pool aesthetics are put on the market all the time. What can we expect in the next few years? What can we already recommend to clients? Here is a selection of the up-and-coming trends!


1/ Augmented reality pools

No, it is not possible to jump in one of these, even though it is tempting! The technology behind augmented reality pools allows buyers to see with their own eyes what a pool would look like in their garden. This represents an invaluable tool for deciding on aspects such as the size of the hole that should be excavated to fit the pool.

2/ LEDs everywhere

We already told you about this a few weeks ago: LEDs are quickly becoming a major trend in the pool sector. Coloured, submerged, sustainable… they are a simple means of making a pool look stunning. Fun, fresh, economical and ecological, what more could you ask for?

3/ Infrared heat emitter

This revolutionary technology can be used to treat muscle and skin problems, while also providing a soothing experience. And no pre-heating is required. Certain manufacturers even equip these cabins with ergonomic chairs that can mould themselves to match the user’s body shape perfectly. Will this become a must for spas and wellness centres for the 2016/2017 season?

4/ Connected pools

Today, private individuals can manage their “connected house” from their smartphone, controlling the heating, the shutters or the security system, for example. There was no reason for this feature not to exist for pools! So it is now possible to control your pool with a simple mobile app. Very convenient indeed!

5/ Quartz

This elegant, non-slip material made in a single piece could become THE fashionable coating in the coming years, especially since it exists naturally in several colours to suit all tastes.

6/ Phosphorescent mosaics

Phosphorescent mosaic tiles are treated with a special tint designed to glow after dark by releasing the light absorbed during the day, thereby creating a magical atmosphere in pools. A hit with children and adults alike!

7/ Automated water treatment systems

With simplifying the user experience becoming a major issue, an increasing number of automated water treatment and remote pool management solutions are coming on the market. They have already become must-haves.

8/ Next-generation pool shelters

More discrete, more seamlessly integrated into the pool, safer (they lock when someone enters the pool, for example), connected to the users’ smartphones and tablets, the next generation of pool shelters are now arriving on the market.

Of course, this list does not claim to be exhaustive… That’s the beauty of the future: we don’t know what it will be made of! Have you spotted any trends in the pool and spa sector? Don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments section!

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