2019 – a record year for the French swimming pool market?

The French swimming pool market is up for the fourth year running! Find out the most outstanding key figures.

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At a recent conference, the FFP — leading French organization for pool businesses — announced that the French swimming pool market is up for the fourth year running! France is already pool leader in Europe and second worldwide (the USA is first). Read on to see the latest statistics for the French pool sector.

2019 could break all French pool sales records!

Thanks to great weather and several heat waves as well as a host of innovations in the pool sector, sales continue to soar.

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The FFP expects 2019 to be a record year, with year-on-year sales up 15.5% between July 2018 and June 2019 and a strong start in the first six-months of 2019. Pool deliveries and sales continued to rise in the third quarter of 2019 too.

French swimming pool sales rose to 2,608,000,000 Euros vs. 2,246,000 000 in 2017, with 2.5 million family swimming pools in France, i.e. one pool for every 27 inhabitants.

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Pool and purchaser typologies

Over the last 12 months, pool sales rose by 10.5% and the number of pools built by 8.5%. Quotes were up an overall 5%, with a significant rise of 8% between April and June 2019.

This brings the total number of family swimming pools in France to 1.3 million in-ground (+ 50,120 units over the year 2018-2019), and 1.2 million above-ground (+ 64,400 units) pools. Now 15% of all French homes can swim in their own pools!

Another interesting trend is that one pool in three is built in a small space which explains the plunge pool boom. Owners are also buying more equipment including pool enclosures, sports equipment and home automation, a real opportunity for the pool sector!  

42.2% of buyers have monthly incomes between 1,500€ (1,650.00$) and 3,000€ (3,300$). The average net monthly salary in France is 2,250€ (2,480$). High earners, over 3,000€ (3,300$), account for 52.3% of the pool market. As for low-earners (under 1,500€), they only account for 5.5%.

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To supply this pool business boom, the FFP reports that companies need to recruit 1,000 people, whereas there are only 100 in training. To be able to meet demand pool professionals will have to address this challenge very quickly!

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