Ali UNAL / POOL VISION 2014 “The practice of architecture does not have to conform to a label or trend”.


Architect graduated in 2003 from the Victor Horta Institute of Architecture in Brussels, and after several internships in London and France, Ali UNAL founded its international architecture workshop Definespace Architects sprl in 2005.

From the conception to the accompaniment of the realization of projects of private spaces, public and urban, the multitude of projects in Belgium, France, England and Turkey testify of the renown of its workshop.

Meeting with Ali UNAL, one of the competitors of our Pool Vision Pool 2014 contest.

Hello Ali UNAL!

You are a winner of the Public Swimming pool category of the Swimming pool selection Middle East 2014, today you will compete to the trophies Pool vision PiscineGlobal 2014 Can you describe us your project "KUSADASI RESIDENTIAL HOUSING"?

The project is located in a tourist town on the Aegean coast in Turkey. The topography, the fauna, the flower and the summer atmosphere, make this place a site immersed in natural calm. The demand consists, on this single ground, to develop about forty villas with two varieties.

define space ensemble.jpg

The features of a pure architecture composed of natural and modern materials add value to the spirit of the place. Sometimes the balcony of a sailboat, sometimes the flapping wings of a butterfly are at the origin of the design. The high and low tides are represented by high cantilevered pool and indoor swimming pool on the ground floor.

define space 2.jpg

The project has a total 442 m2 covered and 300 m2 terrace with a garden surrounding a building. Les villas where Adasi, Egg architecture maritime summer, will soon beat their wings in the urban as well as in the hearts of his townsmen.

This project won the Pool Vision contest 2014. What are its strenghts ?

define space 3.jpg

The dynamic forms, open and summer aspect of the project. The marriage of natural and concrete materials.

Nature is very present at the site on the project, how well integrated in its environment?

It turns out that the ground slopes, This is an advantage because forty villa are located and the relief can see the sea.

The climate and topography are they stress?

Kus Adasi from the Aegean and there is a summer climate on 10 months of the year. The presence of the sun becomes an advantage for energy. Photovoltaic panels are installed on roofs .

This project is in TURKEY, how can this be happening for suppliers, you have a network site?

Yes, the project is developed with a developer who used to work on site. But this project is a first in the region due to its character.

Do you still have incredible projects like this?

A neighborhood project in Istanbul Kayabasi or we develop collective housing, a primary school and a nursery.

What is your approach, your philosophy?

Company Philosophy

We believe that the practice of architecture does not have to conform to a label or trend. Each element created on earth obeys a law and the artifact that adds must agree to this harmony. Since the dawn of time, Art is a means through which civilizations have expressed their thoughts, while taking into account the aesthetic factor. Write, paint, sculpt are tools of expression of the thinking man. A way to share visions, philosophies and paradigms of companies to which we belong.

Each project should build harmonious patterns, correlated with its environment and time, while developing a custom character events or factors that compose. The architecture is neither a tool nor a charge, but a universal means of expression accompanying the user to discover his journey.

Ali thank you for this beautiful definition of your business !

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