Top 4 factors influencing the purchase of a private pool

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Once the clocks have been put forward, the buds have appeared and hay fever has taken its toll, summer arrives, with all that it implies: lemonade, heat waves and holidays for the lucky ones. Those who aren’t fortunate enough to go on holiday can comfort themselves with their private pool in their garden. And for those who don’t have a pool, it’s difficult to resist diving into the neighbours’ pools!

With 1.8 million private pools, France is the second most equipped country in the world, behind the United States of America. And this love story is not about to lose any of its ardour: 4 out of 10 French people wish they had a pool!

Magazines, adverts, films: pools are illustrated in all types of media!

It must be said that as the weather becomes warmer, it is more and more difficult not to come across them: they are everywhere… The weather might be largely responsible for this, but the media are not to be outdone! You can find pools in the background of double-page spreads dedicated to the latest bikinis in women’s magazines, with a pool bar in prestigious hotels, or transparent and suspended in the “design” or “inspiration guide” section of specialised magazines, etc. Pools can be found in all types of media, and all of them make us want to go for a swim. In addition, we often come across sun-soaked films with numerous scenes shot next to a deep-blue pool.

On the internet: the influence of social networks

On social media – mainly Facebook and Instagram – there is an on-going “competition” to determine who has posted the bluest water, the best foot selfie, the highest temperature on the thermometer or the most comfortable-looking deckchair. With the aid of photo filters and low-angle shots to showcase one’s new one bedroom flat, everybody posts their pictures. Those who don’t have a pool end up pulling a long face and “liking” the photos grudgingly.

When the neighbours climb on the bandwagon too

The surroundings of a person’s house can also have a significant influence on his/her decision. You need to have nerves of steel to turn a deaf ear to the young neighbours’ enthusiastic screams and splashes as they jump into the water as early as 10 am without being able to do the same.

The thin line between public pools and private pools

During summer afternoons, the high attendance at public pools can clearly encourage users to get a pool of their own. Indeed, being in an overcrowded public pool can quickly irritate the most demanding users: right from the entrance, the tepid footbath is rarely a positive experience. The rest of the stay usually consists in dodging children playing around in the water and adults lost in thought in a swimming lane. Wandering through the changing rooms with small, quick steps then shivering all the way from one indoor pool to another doesn’t help either. By the time the well-deserved shower has gone from tepid to hot, night has already fallen. In short, there is no comparison with the individual and reenergising comfort of a private pool where you are sure you are going to be able to swim without bumping into someone or to soak up the sun on the edge of the pool.

In this context, it is difficult for private individuals not to indulge themselves: wherever they go, everything reminds them of the multiple advantages of having their own pool. It is therefore not surprising that, as summer temperatures rise, the more French people postpone their bathroom renovation project to start digging in their garden: they had been dreaming about a pool for a long time and were only waiting for a good excuse to take the plunge.

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