Focus on: LED lighting in pools

The LED lighting in the swimming pool sector is now unmissable. DIscover more by reading our article.

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In just a few years, incandescent lamps have been replaced by compact fluorescent lamps. But the light revolution is far from over: the already very trendy LED lights are set to complete their take over in households! And the pool and spa sector will be no exception. In this article we will take a look at current and future trends.


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LED technology: many advantages

For a long time, households used incandescent lamps before they were completely banned in 2012 by the European Union. These high energy-consumption and environmentally costly bulbs were replaced with compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, which have a longer lifetime and are more reasonable in terms of energy consumption. But this is only a temporary solution: soon, LED bulbs should become the standard in households.

It must be said that they have many advantages compared to CFLs:

  • Huge lifetime, which can reach 100,000 hours in laboratories and 40,000 hours for technologies that are already on sale in shops, i.e. several tens of years of use;
  • They reach the maximum luminosity level immediately when switched on, unlike “low-consumption” bulbs;
  • Better energy efficiency than other bulb technologies;
  • LED bulbs produce zero UV emissions;
  • They don’t contain any mercury, which is a dangerous metal;
  • They can create a softer, more pleasant atmosphere;
  • They are more compact than bulbs of all other technologies and not affected by shocks;
  • Lastly, LED bulbs are largely recyclable, creating non-hazardous waste.

Pools and spas: LED’s go!

LED technology didn’t wait to become the number one light bulb in households to establish itself in the pool market. There are already many technologies that exploit its features.

Adapted to underwater and embedded lighting systems, LED projectors for pools can thus create warm and soft lighting atmospheres, or even completely original features: it is possible to make the water look blue, red, green, yellow, purple or even all these colours at the same time!

Concerning colours, it should be noted that LED bulbs can also influence the wellness of pool and spa users, thanks to the their wave lengths and lighting rhythm. This is what we call “chromotherapy”:

  • Blue light is used to combat stress, insomnia and agitation;
  • Green light regenerates breathing organs and joints, and helps with headaches;
  • Yellow light acts on the digestive system and creates a sense of wellness;
  • Red light increases vitality, etc.

From a strictly decorative – and very trendy – viewpoint, a floating LED lamp (ideally multicolour) contributes to creating a refined and warm atmosphere in a pool. We recommend testing them without further delay for night-time bathing sessions, in an energy efficient and environmentally responsible spirit!

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