4 pool and spa blogs to draw inspiration from (US)

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Are you in need of a source of inspiration? There are many American blogs dedicated to the pool and spa sector. The editorial board has selected four, which are presented below.

1/ Healthy Pools

What is the concept behind the Healthy Pools blog? To provide pool fitters and users with all the key information to make sure bathers are safe. A few examples of the topics addressed: the role of chlorine in pools, what a pool “smells” like, the techniques to prevent (potentially disease-transmitting) mosquitoes from proliferating, etc. Healthy Pools undoubtedly gives pool owners the precious information they need to prevent their pool from becoming a breeding ground for germs!

2/ The Swimming Pool Steve Blog

This blog contains a hive of information on new products, provides guidance on how to maintain pools and spas, presents a few remarkable designs, etc. But its main feature is the “How to” pages, which consist of very detailed, practical and illustrated step-by-step tutorials. The tutorials include: how to install a solar-powered pool heater, how to ensure a pool is safe, or how to clean the dirtiest of pools efficiently. This blog is a gold mine for pool owners.

3/ Luxury Pools

The promise of the Luxury Pools blog is simple: to present the most beautiful pools and most remarkable spas in the USA and around the world. Hence, you will find a lot of inspiring photos of pools, even if their price tag often matches the beauty of the setting! A practical feature is that, in most cases, the name of the products used is specified! You will no doubt notice that the blog also contains off-the-wall posts, such as one that presents the 10 perfect poolside cocktails…

4/ River Pools blog

The River Pools blog claims to be the most educational swimming pool blog in the USA. And it’s true, as the blog presents many 101s (one-o-one tutorials) on topics that are important to us, such as indoor pools, a guide to constructing small pools or pools with unconventional shapes. A very practical blog indeed!

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