10 crazy Kickstarter projects involving pools

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Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform featuring a vast range of creative projects. And swimming pools are no exception! Here is a selection of 10 crazy projects that caught the eye of our editorial team.


1/ The Mobile Pool Party

Mobile pool Party.png

Pulled by bike and filled by fire hydrants, the Mobile Pool Party was funded through Kickstarter in 2013. An original way to share some watery fun!

2/ Le projet Sitting by pools

Sitting by pools.png

Interested in a photo journalism trek taking in the best swimming pools in the world? One webfarer attempted to do just that with Kickstarter funding in 2014, through a project called Sitting by Pools. Although it never got off the ground, we like the idea!

3/ Le Solar-Breeze Next Generation Solar Robotic Pool Cleaner

Solar-breeze Next Generation Solar Robotic Pool Cleaner.jpg

Now here is a project that was fully funded thanks to Kickstarter and is now available for pre-order! The Solar-Breeze Next Generation Solar Robotic Pool Cleaner (no less) is a robotic pool cleaning system that runs on solar energy. Eco-friendly and practical!

4/ The pool for adults who are afraid of the water

End drowning fear.jpg

This swimming pool designed specifically for Americans who cannot swim because they are afraid of the water is about to open!

5/ The + POOL

pool +.jpg

Fancy a swim off the shores of New York? This is what the + POOL project proposes, thanks to a mobile pool that filters the water of the Hudson River. More than 273,000 dollars were raised for this project in 2015!

6/ The wildlife escape ramp

escape ramp.jpg

Small animals can become trapped in swimming pools, and eventually die of exhaustion. Kickstarter’s nature lovers helped to fund this floating escape ramp, which gives them a springboard for hopping out of the water!

7/ The Water Cleaner Cover

Water Cleaner Cover.jpg

It has to be said: robotic swimming pool cleaners are not exactly attractive. That’s where the Water Cleaner Cover comes in: it looks like a plastic toy or animal and is simply fitted on top of the robot, turning it into a fun pool feature!

8/ The Pool Buoy

Pool Buoy.jpg

A floating pool umbrella that can also hold your drinks? That’s the concept behind the Pool Buoy, a Kickstarter project that has yet to be fully funded, but might make it to the market one day…

9/ Drop, the smart pool water monitor

innovation drop.jpg

Joining the trend in connected objects, meet Drop, a real-time pool water quality monitor that sends an alert if it detects anything abnormal. Sadly it failed to reach its Kickstarter funding target.

10/ Le Cool Pool Tool

Cool Pool Tool_0.jpg

This American inventor came up with a means of cleaning your skimmer basket without putting your back out: the Cool Pool Tool, a handy hook for lifting it out without having to stoop. It’s a great idea, but didn’t raise enough funds… what a pity!

Pool lovers are obviously brimming over with bright ideas… What innovations would you be keen to fund? Use the comments to tell us!

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