A small glossary of swimming pool terms to help you prepare your visit to the show

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“We thought long and hard about a gazebo, but in the end we opted for a bioclimatic pergola. And whilst we were at it, we decided to go for a diatomaceous earth filter rather than flocculation.” Did all that go over your head? Don’t panic. The swimming pool world has its own vocabulary, as do many other professions. Just follow our guide, and you will never be puzzled by the jargon again!

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Shuttering blocks

These hollow concrete blocks are widely used to build swimming pool shuttering. They are erected dry, and then each cavity is filled with reinforced concrete.


Bromine is used to disinfect swimming pools. It destroys bacteria, algae, fungi, and other germs and wastes. It is more expensive than chlorine, which performs the same function but is irritating and less effective in warm water.

Infrared cabin

Infrared cabins are heated by infrared light, which penetrates the body’s tissues deeply and evenly. The temperature is lower than in a traditional sauna – around 50°C – but the body sweats two to three times more intensely.

Dechloraminator / Chloramines

Chlorine generates compounds called chloramines, which are disinfectants but also cause irritation. A déchloraminator, which consists of UV lamps, destroys chloramines and other organisms, and thus helps to keep the pool disinfected.

Air diffuser

Air diffusers – usually of the wall-mounted or linear slot type – form part of the ventilation system and keep air circulating.

Heat exchanger

A device connected to a boiler or heat pump and used to heat the pool water.


Heat retention (or “bubble”) pool covers can be very heavy, and a reel with a steel or aluminium rolling tube operated with a handle or wheel enables them to be rolled up easily for storage.

Film liner

The liner forms the barrier that keeps the pool waterproof. This flexible, expandable PVC coating is fitted to the walls and floor of the pool, and can adapt to simple shapes. It has a service life of more than ten years.

Diatomaceous earth filter

Microscopic skeletons of diatoms, a type of algae, make this the most effective type of pool filter, since it removes even the finest pollutant particles from the water. Although it has a higher purchase cost and has to be maintained, the high filtration quality does away with the need to buy other water treatment products.

Movable pool floor

A movable floor is an automated platform that constitutes the pool floor and can be raised to hide the pool completely. It acts as a secure cover while providing extra space and enabling the pool depth to be adapted to meet a variety of needs.


A small wooden kiosk positioned next to a swimming pool or spa in order to protect it. Sliding windows can be added in order to provide more shelter.


Therapy involving the use of water. A variety of techniques are used including baths, counter-current walking and high-pressure showers.


A completely natural water treatment solution that consists in releasing small quantities of copper ions (which attack algae) and silver ions (which eliminate bacteria) into the pool water.

Reinforced liner

Like a film liner, a reinforced PVC liner is a flexible, waterproof membrane. However, it can adapt to any shape, even the most complex ones.

Motorised pool enclosure

Adding a motor to a pool enclosure enables it to be opened or closed at the turn of a key, depending on the weather

Filtering wall

This system, also referred to as monobloc filtration, incorporates a complete filtration system (filter, pump, skimmers, etc.) in a single unit that is easy to install and saves a significant amount of space.

Active oxygen

Used in tablet or powder form, active oxygen is an environmentally-friendly water treatment agent that destroys organic matter. However, it is not a disinfectant, so it must be used in conjunction with other products such as chlorine or bromine.

Shuttering panels

Shuttering panels are larger than shuttering blocks, and hence quicker and easier to assemble to form swimming pool walls.

Bioclimatic pergola

A bioclimatic pergola is fitted with adjustable blades, which are usually made of aluminium. The blades can be tilted to control the light intensity and provide protection from wind and rain, optimising use of an outdoor living space whatever the weather.


PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide) is a water purifying solution that eliminates bacteria and fungi. However, it does not kill algae cells, so it must be used in conjunction with an algaecide.


Flocculation is a chemical process for clarifying water by combining the smallest particles into larger clumps that are easier to filter out.

Airflow control

Via a controller – in many ways similar to a thermostat – it is possible to control the air temperature, humidity and CO2 level.

Hydraulic robot

A hydraulic robot – a sort of aquatic vacuum cleaner – is the most affordable robotic swimming pool cleaner. Once connected to the pool vacuum point or the skimmer, it uses suction to capture debris from the bottom of the pool, but does not clean the sides.


A skimmer is a fixed system that draws water and debris from the pool surface and into the filtration system.


A blower pumps compressed air through nozzles on the pool floor, producing tiny bubbles and a fun hydrotherapy effect.

Air treatment

Air treatment includes air conditioning, heating and dehumidification and guarantees good air quality.

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