Asia: 6 breathtaking swimming pools

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Dreaming of getting away from it all? We have selected six of the most beautiful pools in Asia, a continent where luxury hotels are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity with their bold, impressive pool designs. These enchanting pools are likely to make you want to jump on the next available flight…

With the right ideas, and the means to implement them, a swimming pool can almost become a work of art. That’s the impression that remains from admiring these stunning pools, designed and built to be masterpieces. Although we are never likely to be able to order anything like them from a pool specialist, we can draw inspiration from many of their decorative and design features to make our own pools a touch of paradise.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Echoing the ‘larger-than-life’ nature of tourism in this small but wealthy island city-state, this exceptional swimming pool is located on the roof of a vast hotel complex that opened in 2010 and is rumoured to have cost 8 billion dollars. Gazing down on the skyline, it seems to extend over the horizon; at 146 metres, this is the longest rooftop infinity pool in the world.

Alila Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


The province of Bali is the location for the Alila Ubud hotel and its infinity pool. Smooth as a water mirror and nestling harmoniously in luxurious vegetation, it offers stunning views over the surrounding landscape of jungle and rice fields.

Hanging Gardens Ubud


Another pool with astounding architecture can be found in Ubud. The infinity pool at the Hanging Gardens resort echoes the form of a rice terrace, its rounded shapes on two levels drawing their inspiration from Asia’s emblematic landscapes. In the distance, nestling in the middle of the jungle, guests can catch a glimpse of a Hindu temple – which they are also able to visit.

The Sarojin, Khao Lak, Thailand


With its varying depths and floating islands this infinity pool has something for every wish and whim – such as a massage in one of its wooden pavilions. The Sarojin hotel is a popular honeymoon destination for newlyweds: set amidst 4 hectares of tropical rain forest, it is the perfect place to escape to and much more picturesque than Phuket, a neighbouring resort in Khao Lak which is overrun with tourists all year round.

Pimalai Resort, Ko Lanta, Thaïlande


This luxury hotel is located on the island of Koh Lanta, which lends its name to France’s version of the ‘Survivor’ reality TV show. But there is no question of meeting tough challenges and surviving on rice rations here! The infinity swimming pool follows the gentle contours of the hillside, offering breathtaking views over its lush surroundings and the ocean below.

Harbour Grand Kowloon, Hong Kong, China


Located on the roof of the Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel, on the 21st floor, this swimming pool is renowned both for its breathtaking views over Victoria Harbour and for its glass walls! A unique experience, and a memorable swim.

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