Making swimming pools smart thanks to home automation!

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Making swimming pools smart thanks to home automation! “Smart homes” have been a hot topic over the past few months. There is no doubt that home automation, a technology for controlling, automating and programming home appliances using mobile devices, has progressed in leaps and bounds over a very short period of time. And the swimming pool world is not to be outdone – to the extent that the term “smart pool” has already been coined. Here is a brief review of the (future) trends, which will also be on display at the Piscine Global exhibition from 15 to 18 November.


Home automation – what for?

Home automation may be a relatively new technology, but it is already proving to have many benefits. Applied to the pool and spa world, it offers a means of:

  • handing repetitive chores over to a smart system…
  • that can be controlled using any device with an Internet connection, such as a smartphone or tablet;
  • taking the complete pool environment into consideration, optimising and adjusting it in line with the user’s needs.

In short, home automation saves significant amounts of time and hassle – but also energy. Which is exactly what home owners and professionals expect of a modern pool!

Home automation and water quality

A key element that can be tracked through home automation is water quality and/or temperature. Several technologies that do this are already on the market:

  • Asamgo: this start-up proposes the OFI (the French abbreviation for “smart floating object”), a sensor that floats on the water surface. It is fitted with electrochemical probes that continuously track the main pool water quality indicators (pH, disinfectant, conductivity, temperature). The pool owner views the analyses via an iOS or Android app downloaded to a mobile or other web-connected device, making pool maintenance easy.
  • Riiot: this start-up proposes a smart device along similar lines called “Blue” that is capable of measuring the temperature, pH, cleanliness and salinity of pool water. It also produces a step-by-step guide providing customised solutions and advice.
  • Syclope: this company proposes the Alticéo, a smart analyser/controller designed for public swimming pools, aquatic leisure centres and zoos.

Home automation and safety

Safety is another area in which a smart pool can benefit homeowners and professionals. Take, for instance, No Stress from NextPool ! A smart device designed to prevent risks of children going out of their depth and drowning. The child wears a necklace or wristband with an embedded tag that communicates with the supervising adult’s smartphone, ensuring peace of mind at all times

Home automation and water filtration

All pools need to run their filtering systems at regular intervals in order to maintain a high water quality. Analogue programming systems for this purpose exist, but are not accurate. They must be reprogrammed regularly, in the pool plant room itself, and are not immune to errors: water may be over- or under-filtered, with all that that implies in terms of health risks and energy usage.
For this reason, a number of companies have set about connecting pool filter systems to users’ smartphones, making it easy to configure operating times in seconds and check that everything is in order!

Home automation and remote lighting control

This smart pool application is highly stylish – and more besides. Technical solutions and mobile apps are now available enabling users to control their pool lighting remotely. A practical way to change the ambience, in pools fitted with LEDs, for example, but also to switch the pool lighting on or off remotely or to set it to come on at a given time in the evening and go off at a specific time during the night.

Home automation and water level management

We don’t need to tell you a swimming pool is a delicate balance, especially as far as the water level is concerned. If it drops too far, air can be drawn into the skimmers and eventually unprime the filter pump. With a smart pool, this is no longer a concern: the user is alerted as soon as the level changes and can adjust it straight away via his or her smartphone!

Want to find out more about these technologies? Come to the Piscine Global exhibition, taking place from 15 to 18 November in Lyon, in particular the Piscine Innovations area. Don’t forget to request your professional badge!

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