Top 13 materials and equipment items for an environmentally responsible pool

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Environmental awareness has grown considerably in recent years, and this trend is reflected in the pool and spa sector. As well as enabling users to be more nature-friendly, this new mindset is bringing down their bills. Here are the 13 materials and equipment items with the most promising futures in this regard, divided into five categories:

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Water treatment

1/ The variable-speed pump. This technology, which has been around for a few years, is based on a multi-speed motor enabling the pump to operate at both low and high speeds and throughputs. In the first case, fine particles are captured more effectively. In the second, filter backwashing is more efficient. Both bring energy savings, and help to reduce bills.

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2/ A more rational use of chemicals. Water quality has to be monitored in all swimming pools: an issue that is taken seriously by Emaux Water Technology, which will be attending Piscine Global. To optimise chemical product dosage, this start-up proposes an adjustable pH controller with an interface designed to make the device easy for anyone to use.

3/ Chlorine tabs wrapped in water-soluble plastic. These tabs offer a complete, all-in-one pool water treatment solution that avoids any contact with the chemicals. The result: up to 50 grams less plastic thrown away per 5 kg bucket! They will be on display during Piscine Global, at the Lonza Water Treatment stand.

4/ UV and ozone water treatment, operating in a block-based system, as proposed by our exhibitor Ultra-Bio-Ozone. This solution reduces the quantities of chemicals used by 80%, and even eliminates them completely in some cases. It also saves water, since backwashing can be carried out less frequently and for shorter periods of time.

5/ Solar heating panels for pools, such as those proposed by Roth France, which will be presented at the exhibition. This technology is based on the constant flow principle: the pool water is heated directly by the sun without a heat exchanger, cutting costs for users!

6/ Salt water chlorination to keep pool water clean. The system is based on an electrochemical reaction that separates chlorine and sodium from the salt contained in the water. A natural way to destroy the bacteria in pool water!


7/ LED lighting. The service life of LEDs can be as long as 100,000 hours in a laboratory, and the products currently on the market have clocked up 40,000 hours already! They are mercury-free, reach their maximum brightness level as soon as they are switched on, and are more energy-efficient than standard light bulbs. In short, it’s all good, as we have said before!

8/ Solar powered pool lighting. The solar collectors absorb energy by day, and release it by night to illuminate the pool. At no cost to the environment!

Pool decks and hot tub surrounds

9/ Composite wood. Made out of wood flour and polymer, this material looks just like natural wood but has a definite advantage: it can be recycled.
10/ Pine wood. This material provides excellent insulation but with the added advantage of a much smaller environmental impact than using exotic wood from endangered forests.

Pools and covers

11/ Recycled rubber. This is a means of creating an original, customised pool for users of all ages in the shape of a real beach, with a structure that is unbreakable, rot-proof and impervious to micro-organisms. Another benefit: a smaller volume of water, which consumes less energy and is faster to heat!

12/ Solar powered automated pool covers. The Exterior Cube Solar pool cover, from Aqua Cover SA, is equipped with solar panels enabling it to be wound and unwound effortlessly while saving energy.

Pool liners

13/ Pool liners made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)strong>. These large black rubber membranes are completely watertight and give a neat pool finish. They offer a host of advantages since they are free from toxic or environmentally harmful compounds, recyclable, and long-lasting — so they don’t need to be changed regularly!

Want to find out more about these technologies? Come to the Piscine Global exhibition, taking place from 15 to 18 November at the Eurexpo convention centre in Lyon, in particular the Piscine Innovations area!

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