Zoom in on the Asian pools and spas market with Piscine Global Asia

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On April 5 and 6, 2017, at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, the next Piscine Global Asia will be held. The opportunity for you to experience a thriving Asian market and develop your professional network internationally. We will take you on a tour of Asia with a point on the pool and spa markets.

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Zoom in on the Asian pool and wellness markets

Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore all have something in common (other than all being in Asia): they are all experiencing strong growth, situated between 2,2 % and 7 % per year, accompanied by an increase in GDP per inhabitant.

Rising tourism

These rapidly growing countries are all betting on the most promising sector: tourism, and particularly, wellness tourism. To give you an idea in figures : in 2015, The Philippines had no less than 300, 4-star hotels (and some more than 4 stars) with pools and spas, and in 2016, 110 hotels were under construction in Thailand. Because it is well-known that travellers choose their destinations for their nature and culture, but also for the comfort and change of scenery that are offered by their hotel infrastructures.

Luxury hotels are developing

Luxury hotels are thus experiencing huge growth in Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. Since pools are an important criteria of choice, all these countries choose to invest in innovations and novelties. In 2016, for example, the first 2-story pool with waterfall was built in Vietnam. Malaysia, on the other hand, is oriented towards wellness tourism and top quality products. The spa sector is under rapid development and Malaysia is on the verge of overtaking Thailand as the no 1 worldwide destination, as regards wellness tourism.

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Purchasing power on the rise

Besides tourism, we may also evoke the expansion and global enrichment of the middle class, particularly in Vietnam and Malaysia. The inhabitants wish to consume more, or differently, in order to improve their living space or well-being. And this is done through the construction of a pool, and even more so, by a private spa.

What answers will you get at the Piscine Global Asia 2017 fair?

Whether your decision to expand internationally has already been made, or whether you are still reflecting on it, the Piscine Global Asia fair will enable you to get a first glimpse at the opportunities that are offered by by this rapidly growing Asian market. Indeed, speed meetings (30-minute slots), as well as conferences are planned, so that visitors and exhibitors can meet. Let’s keep in mind that face-to-face communication is important in the Asian culture. For you to get familiar with this culture and its related behaviour, 5 detailed market studies (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines), will also be distributed.

As Asians are highly keen on new technologies, Piscine Innovations, a dedicated space for the discovery of the latter, has been planned so that exhibitors become more visible to a public searching for innovations, novelties and high-end products (the “Made in France” has its effect !) Pool Vision, a contest which has already proven itself at the Piscine Global Europe fair, is also planned, in order to highlight some of the most creative architects and a few of the most remarkable pool designs in Asia.

A real springboard to develop your international contacts, Piscine Global Asia opens its doors to you at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, on the 5th and 6th of April this year. Because there is no better place to welcome this fair, than the hotel which harbors one of the most dizzying aquatic infrastructures.



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