A trend in France and abroad, the plunge pool trend is popping up everywhere

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Economical, environmentally friendly, practical and easy to maintain : the plunge pool is catching on with more and more French consumers. Its power to seduce has reached far beyond French borders, since in the rest of Europe, on the American continent, in Oceania and in Asia, the concept of the plunge pool (or lap pool) is hugely appreciated.

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Endless Pool were already talking of this trend at salon Piscine Global 2016... Still big news in 2017, it is now our turn to let you know all about it.

Mini-pool, maxi pleasure

The term plunge pool designates a structure of around 10 m2. Its dimensions vary from 2 to 3 m wide and 3 to 7 m long. Compact, the plunge pool is also quite shallow : it is thus perfect for either a simple moment of pleasure, or for a more sporty session. In fact, a lot of them are equipped with a counter-current system, enabling its users to get the full benefit and pleasure of swimming, even in a reduced space.

Available as a kit or custom made, installed in-ground or aboveground : the different propositions are adapted to all spaces. We therefore find them in little gardens, on terraces or even on patios. They can be installed anywhere, no matter the type of ground: a new challenge for integrating pools in their surroundings.

Finally, plunge pool means little budget, another reason for their success. Indeed, Its construction, as well as its maintenance, are cheaper for private individuals. Bills for water, maintenance products and electricity are lower.

Plunge pools are gaining ground in France

The plunge pool has seductive powers, particularly among private individuals. Why? First and foremost, the context of the economic crisis is still hovering over the French landscape. Even if the pool sector is starting to take off again, the French see the plunge pool as a way to enjoy the pleasures of bathing, at a minimal cost.

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The mini-pool also has the advantage of being easy to install. As a reminder, under 10 m2, no administrative formalities are needed in France (unless it is built on a protected site). The result: where there is a will to install it, there is a way. This is practical for private individuals, as well as for professionals in the field of tourism, who also benefit from this regulation.

mini-piscine Hotel Sezz.jpg
© Christophe Bielsa, Hotel Sezz, France

Moreover, for professionals in the field of tourism, the plunge pool represents an exceptional service. Offering travellers the possibility of having access to their own private plunge pool, where they may bathe in total intimacy, is the height of luxury. The Sezz Hotel, in Saint Tropez, is a perfect example.

Plunge pool : the pleasure extends beyond borders

Plunge pools are not only seducing the French : the trend is equally present abroad, especially in Europe, the USA and Australia. Beyond economic reasons or those, above mentioned, that are linked to a lack of space, the sport at home concept is particularly convincing for Americans, thanks to the counter-current system and decreased depth of the pool, making it perfect for aquagym sessions. This particularity is directly linked to the two main names it is given in English : the lap pool, specially designed for physical sessions, and the plunge pool, which is reserved for moments of leisure. While the lap pool is particularly appreciated in the USA, the plunge pool is a hit in Germany, where leisure is part and parcel of the German culture!

© Royal Davui Island Resort, Fidji

Finally, just like in France, the sector of tourism abroad, has rapidly adopted the phenomenon. Plunge pools have even been installed in the most luxurious hotel rooms, such as the Royal Davui (Fiji) or the Lodhi Hôtel in New Delhi (India).

Whatever your location or whoever your customers may be, the plunge pool will always find a buyer. Innovative and seductive, don’t be surprised to find them in France and on the international scene, among the pools of the future.


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