The aquafitness market is in great shape

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The aquafitness market is a perfect example of balance between offer and demand. This activity meets the needs of users looking for wellness as well as entertainment, through shared activities. It increases the number of visitors in aquatic centers and communal swimming pools, consequently increasing the sales turnover. A win-win situation!

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Video interviews of exhibitors from the 2016 Piscine Global Europe Fair, as well as a detailed overview given by Gérard André, an expert in spa, thermal cures, thermo-leisure and health prevention, let us shed some light on this hugely and increasingly popular aquatic sport.

Aquafitness, a booming phenomenon

A thriving aquatic activity

Manufacturers, pool constructors, aquatic complexes… All participants in the 2016 Piscine Global Europe Exhibition agree on one thing: aquafitness is a thriving sector. The French market has progressed so much that it’s now considered to be the most developed in Europe. Germany, Switzerland and countries of the Middle East are also showing signs of growing interest for this sector of activity.

In order to meet consumers’ expectations, aquatic centers and communal pools have to provide the right equipment for aquafitness. It is no longer advisable: it has become mandatory for those who wish to develop!

Aquafitness has become the answer to well-being needs

The main reason for such success? As says Gérard André, the aquafitness market responds to one of the major preoccupations of today’s society: health.

More and more consumers are mindful of their wellnesswell-being and fitness. Exercising has become essential: the “thirty minutes of physical activity per day” recommended by physicians has led the population to do sport regularly.

A collective enthusiasm for aquafitness

The benefits of aquafitness

Aquafitness combines fitness, pleasure, and the benefits of water on the body. Vasil Vermandere, lifeguard at Cardi’Eau, interviewed during the 2016 Piscine Global Europe Exhibition, insisted on the benefits of hydromassage, of hydrostatic pressure, and the improvement of the venous return. Aquafitness is more than a simple aquatic sport: it is a “sport for health”, a healthy activity for everyone. Pool represent a new art of living thanks to such activities!

Sharing is also one of the value of aquafitness. In today’s society, individualism is increasing, remarks Gérard André. People feel the need to move towards collective activities, to exchange and to motivate each other. Aquafitness is a group activity, done among friends or people wishing to share experiences!

Aquafitness, aquabiking, aquagym… There is something for every taste!

The term aquafitness, according to Gérard André, is limiting: he prefers to talk about aqua activities or aqua form. Beyond fitness, visitors want to have access to a space adapted to diversified activities: aquagym and aquabiking sessions, as well as theoretical courses on health prevention to avoid injury. Aquafitness is a weightless sport which is easy and accessible to all, at any age, and in any physical condition. And you can save your energy to partake in another activity: a few laps in the pool, spending time in the hammam or sauna…

The future of aquafitness market

There is a growing interest in the aquafitness sector. However the offer for this activity needs to evolve, both in private and public pools.

The necessity to train monitors

In order to develop aquafitness under good conditions, it is essential to train monitors, for whom activities extend beyond simple monitoring: they encompass accompanying and coaching the customers as well as encouraging their fidelity.

It takes on all its importance knowing that the dropout rate remains proportional to the increase in membership in aquatic centers. Competition being tough, nobody wants to take the risk of losing a member… Getting equipped and taking the necessary steps to ensure that an activity is efficient and profitable are a guarantee of a rising sales turnover!

Pools need to be well equipped

To support continued revenue growth, aquatic centers should invest in top quality material. Suppliers thus play an important role in the future of aquafitness market: they have to provide material and products which are adapted to users and pool complexes needs.

Innovation is essential for the aquafitness market: the pool is not the only connected element! For example, aquatic centers can now be equipped with connected objects which measure different parameters before and after an aquafitness session. This is a perfect innovative service to reassure users, motivate them and detect potential health problems. Commercial aspects coupled with the potential for evolution are further assets which come hand-in-hand with innovation in this booming aquafitness market!

Users, pool builders, manufacturers, managers of private and public centers… Everybody benefits from aquafitness. In the coming years, the pool sector will have difficulties to progress if not with the aquafitness market. It is vital to invest, get equipped and innovate. Only under these conditions will the sector be able to satisfy its consumers’ needs… and remain healthy! Thank you to Gérard André for having spared us some of his time and for having shared his expertise on this growing activity.

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