5 designs of pool that change everything

A well designed and cleverly integrated pool house is a key element in making your customers dream a reality!

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These days, people don’t just want a pool to have somewhere to take a dip. What they really want – even if they don’t realize it themselves – is a space that creates a real experience. Whether the purpose is relaxation, fitness, or a mix of both, the surrounding environment and ecosystem should establish a unique atmosphere. A well designed and cleverly integrated pool house is a key element in making your customers dream a reality. Here are 5 stunning pool house designs.

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1/ An outside island


This pool house, with its airy designcomfortable interior, and integrated hammock, is like a mini-tropical island. The light steps give the illusion of driftwood and the richer colored timbers at the water’s edge add to the beach effect.

2/ Rolling hills meet modern lines


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The cut stone and roof tiles give this pool house an old charm that beautifully complements the more modern straight edges used by other elements of the pool area. This more provincialMediterranean style also helps the pool nestle into the surrounding countryside.

3/ Prim and proper

For a more manicured environment, a tea house or bandstand style may prove an elegant addition. This is in keeping with formal English gardens and maintains a tasteful simplicity.

4/ Festive, familial and fun


For a look that could be from one of the summer concerts, this addition offers a daring and fun tent style. Providing low shade, this pool house is a perfect place to relax as a family or kick off a music festival.

5/ Tiny spaces, big ideas


Here is an example of how to create a stylishmodern, and relaxing area in a garden with limited space. With clean lines that play across different levels, it is an attractive option that allows existing garden elements to be easily incorporated into the new design.

With a range of options to fit every garden type and budget, pool houses are a must-have to create your customer’s unique atmosphere.

© Picture credit: Unsplash / Vita Vilcina

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