Introducing the container pool house


They’re strong, attractive and versatile – not to mention sustainable. Meet the market’s latest trend: the shipping container pool house.

In recent years, the need for green, affordable buildings has challenged architects worldwide. For many, the ideal solution is the humble shipping container. This has led to a boom in container-based construction, with boxes transformed into everything from compact homes to quirky stores and offices. The container pool house is a natural extension of this trend. Hard-wearing and highly adaptable, it’s an increasingly popular concept.

Interested in sustainable development?

Welcome to the container pool house

This new generation pool house is airy, bright and spacious. In fact, you’d never guess that it started life as an ordinary shipping container. The metamorphosis is a fast and cost-effective process. And with today’s technology, the design can be tailored to the customer’s budget and specifications. It means the container pool house offers all the benefits of a traditional pool house – but at a fraction of the cost. The overall size may be fixed, but beyond this, there are endless customization options.

Strong as steel

Most shipping containers are made from highly durable steel. They’re strong, robust and able to withstand the most severe weather conditions. Tightly controlled factory production means there’s no question mark over quality: all containers are designed to meet the shipping industry’s strict standards and specifications. With containers produced in a variety of sizes, there’s enormous potential for architects and designers. Pool houses can measure anything from 160 to over 900 square feet.

Minimum disruption – maximum convenience

So, how is a shipping container pool house actually built? The hard work happens off site, away from the customer’s premises. That means there’s no messy construction site or workmen next to the pool. Construction time will depend on the complexity of the design. However, some firms, like Elbar Pool Houses, are now delivering hi‑spec pool houses in as little as a month. In theory, the finished product can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Although there’s no need for a traditional foundation, the pool house must have a solid base – either wooden blocks or a concrete slab. It may also need a planning permit or official approval. Once positioned, the pool house must be connected to electricity, gas, water and sewerage systems by a local contractor.

Stunningly versatile

The container pool house can be created with an impressive range of features: beautiful bathroomsindoor/outdoor showers and even comfortable bedrooms. Floor to ceiling windows can give amazing light, while kitchens can be equipped with ice makers, double sinks and all the latest hi‑tech gadgets. Finishing touches can include all manner of luxury fixtures and fittings. LED lighting, designer bathrooms and granite kitchen counters are all popular options.

The result is a stunning pool house that’s not just great for swimmers: it creates also a pleasant environment, that goes with the new lifestyle of the pool. This attractive pool‑side space also makes the perfect studio, outside bar or games room. Heating and air conditioning mean year‑round availability. Add foam spray insulation and you’ve got a cozy, energy-efficient hideaway.

The container pool house might have certain size and structural limitations – but in all other respects, it’s a hugely flexible concept that can be rapidly assembled. These benefits make it a highly attractive option. Expect to see more next to pools around the world!

Photo credit: Elbar Pool Houses


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