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Been too busy to keep up with the pool industry’s latest news? Fear not – here is a selection of the most interesting pool industry news of this month.

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Attracting new talents – AQUA Magazine

In the United States, labor shortages pose a serious problem for pool and spa businesses. The industry struggles to draw new talent needs to raise its profile. A recent article in Aqua Magazine suggests that the answer could lie in a national competition – an event that would give college students the chance to show off their pool design skills. This would create a buzz about careers in pool architecture or construction. The inspiration? A successful nationwide landscaping competition held by the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Creating cool customers – Luxury pools

Meanwhile, at, the hot topic is keeping cool. The last word in poolside comfort? Outdoor misting systems. This popular innovation works by emitting a fine spray of refreshing water from a series of nozzles on the patio or terrace. These can lower e poolside temperature by as much as 1,6°C Celsius (35°F), according the website.

Top tips from pool professionals – Swim University

Getting ready to open up your pool? You might want to take a look at Swim University’s list of handy tips. The website has picked the brains of a number of pool professionals to bring you a whole host of smart ideas and guidance. For instance, did you know you can test surface circulation by throwing a ping pong ball into your pool?

Scared of heights? Look away now… – Telegraph

Recently, a spectacular but scary image has been shared on the Telegraph newspaper’s website. It’s the view from a glass-bottomed pool – that’s suspended 500 feet above street level! While the sky-high pool will strike fear into vertigo-suffering swimmers, there are plenty of daredevils out there who can’t wait to dive right in!

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