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During the Piscine Global Europe 2016 fair, the Desjoyaux Mobipool received a prize for the Piscine Innovations contest. Since then, the Desjoyaux team have been surfing a wave of positive energy, and are heading towards the international scene. Nicolas Desjoyaux looks back on this innovation and fills us in on the progress it has made since November 2016.


Mobipool, first floating pool in the world

Desjoyaux is the world’s largest network-based manufacturer of in-ground swimming pools. The company is also the brain behind three major concepts: pipeless filtrationpermanent active formwork and, the one which we are interested in today, the floating pool.

The possibility of swimming in the wild, without the fish and the seaweed, is the challenge that Desjoyaux threw, in 2016. The result is Mobipool, the first floating, modular pool to be installed in natural surroundings and which provides 100% safe bathing, whether in a lake or other body of water (with few currents and variations in level). The concept has since been patented around the world.

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What needs are met through this innovation?

Mobipool meets one particular need: that of finally being able to swim in a safe structure and in water that is perfectly filtered, even in the middle of a natural environment. It enables one to make use of great bodies of water which would normally be considered unsuitable or unsafe, across the globe.

A bonus: Mobipool is easily demountable, making it ideal for occasional or one-off needs (or permanent ones, incidentally), like in the case of an event.

Technical info for Mobipool

Mobipool is composed of modular structures and pontoons of quality, selected materials: an armed PVC membrane, pontoons in aluminium for optimal floating and marine-standard stainless steel for the structure. The result? Mobipool is highly resistant and may be installed anywhere. It also offers pipeless filtration (really practical when you are in the middle of a lake).

It varies in size from 6 m x 3 m to 20 m x 10 m (20 ft x 10 ft to 65 ft x 32 ft). Having said this, Mobipool is an evolutive swimming pool. Indeed, we may add other pontoons where we may relax, enjoy a meal, celebrate an event… It is easily mounted, dismounted and moved, as well as being modulable in size, according to one’s needs. Mobipool can be installed outside in one day, whatever the weather and whatever its size.

Mobipool: its current situation

At the Piscine Global Europe fair, in November 2016, Desjoyaux won a prize in innovation, thanks to Mobipool. Today, where does the floating swimming pool stand?


Visiteurs Mobipool.jpg
Visitors contemplating the Mobipool scale model at Piscine Global Europe 2016. © Piscine Global


Nicolas Desjoyaux, sales director and administrator of the company, fills us in: “Mobipool is commercialized in France for private individuals, as well as for institutions and firms. It is even our principal market.” But obviously, innovation knows no borders. Potentially, this kind of innovation may interest anybody… anywhere we find water. “Today (we have) many contacts in Italy and the USA where we find numerous lakes. (We also have) many contacts in Asia, where the number of pools is lower than in Europe, and where the bodies of water are often unsuitable for bathing”.

Mobipool thus attracts those who cannot make optimal use of natural sites, however beautiful they may be, for sanitary reasons. Today, Mobipool is installed in Thailand, in the National Park of Khao Sok and in Phang Nga, and Roquebrune-sur-Argens, in France. And tomorrow? “We will be installing one on the Lake Maggiore (an Italian-Swiss lake), in spring 2017, and another in Bulgaria, by the end of this summer”.

Today the objective is to “install Mobipool exhibitions in several countries, as they are unique and original pools, which people have never thought of!

remise des prix mobipool.jpg
“Piscine Innovation” prize awarded to Gilles Mouchiroud, director of Desjoyaux. © Piscine Global

The Piscine Global Europe 2016 fair has done a great job at publicizing the product: “many people visited our stand during the fair (…). Our product is now in the limelight”. What follows is no surprise, in particular, “spin offs in the specialized press”.

Mobipool plunges into waters around the globe, so that users everywhere may bathe without fear or risk! Thank you Nicolas Desjoyaux, for having shared with us a few details about this innovation, one which pushes the limits of bathing even further.

Credits : Desjoyaux

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