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Through Piscine Global trade shows’ network of pool and spa professionals you can access the main players in your sector – and discover great innovations. Why not use these unique events to develop your international connections?


Piscine Global Europe: serving pool professionals for 40 years

Over the last 40 years, the Piscine Global family has really grown. Our know-how has been exported across frontiers. The flagship event always takes place in Lyon, France, but other family get-togethers fill the calendar: Piscine Global Asia, Middle East and more destinations to come. These events allow our fantastic family and international network to catch up each year.

The impressive growth of this network of pool and spa professionals is partly down to the activities which take place at the trade shows, such as the new pool summit and speed meetings, which enable visitors to meet the main players in the market.  What’s more, Piscine Global is equipped with digital communication tools such as the blog you’re surfing right now, a website and social media channels. That means the markets’ professionals can connect all year round.

Local events with an international focus

France is one of the foremost suppliers of swimming pools and spas in the world (second only to the USA). ‘French touch’ is known for its capacity to produce and export quality products internationally. So Lyon was no random choice for a trade show. Strategically, it’s a great place to develop a network. Furthermore, Lyon is a central city that’s easily accessible and easy-going, offering professionals from all over the ideal setting to meet businesses within the trade show… and also beyond!

The Piscine Global Europe trade show represents a unique opportunity to develop a worldwide network. International markets are demanding and Piscine Global has the capacity to support their development projects. In effect, the trade show has become a forum, bringing together professionals who wish to meet partners in other sectors. They can get together, exchange information and construct trusted long-term relationships in a neutral place. In short, a visit to the trade show allows you to save time looking for contacts and building solid partnerships.   

As well as the search for contacts, there’s also the search for innovation. Newer countries in the market, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil are taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about the latest equipment and to take inspiration for innovations that will work in their own and other countries.  

Take a look at the testimonials given on this subject at the 2016 Piscine Global Europe trade show.

Speed meetings and other events you mustn’t miss

Within the trade shows themselves, different events have been organized to encourage meetings and discourse about the future of the sector.

  • The Pool Summit allows professionals to share key figures for their sectors and to take stock of the state of international markets. Gilles Mouchiroud (FPP) gives us a summary of the 2016 Pool Summit. 


  • Pool Design Gallery focuses on an important profession within the field, that of architect. Because the aesthetic appeal of a pool can contribute so much to the value of a site and its ability to attract the public, this internationally renowned competition attracts many architects. Each participant applies ingenuity and expertise to seduce pool users. A meeting of architectural talent that’s not to be missed!

Get a glimpse of the winners of Pool Vision 2016

  • Water Tests allow brands to have their innovations tested by visitors and potential clients. These real-world tests give pleasure to many and generate valuable feedback.

We’re not the only ones talking about the trade show – others have plenty to say about it too. Meet the ambassadors. They’re the neutral and impartial voice of the trade show, exchanging informations and talking technical matters. When they return to their respective countries, they drive their sector forward by sharing what they’ve discovered.  

In brief, the Piscine Global trade shows are stepping stones to a vast network of pool and spa professionals – as well as a place where all your professional problems can be solved. Ideal!

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