What does the Piscine Global Europe 2018 trade show have in store?

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The Piscine Global Europe 2018 trade show is coming. Are you ready to dive into the heart of the event? The season hasn’t officially started but we can already tell you one thing: 2018 will be marked by the launch of our new brand and our drive to present the swimming pool as a lifestyle choice. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store for you!

Piscine Global – a strong new brand

Since November 2016, Piscine Global has been more just a trade show: it is now the brand of a worldwide network of major events in the swimming pool and wellness industry. The strong new identity brings together the four leading professional trade shows: Piscine Global Asia, Piscine Global Middle East, Piscine Global Brazil and of course, Piscine Global Europe.

Discover the new Piscine Global’s brand

With this new brand, the goal is to take French quality and know-how worldwide – but that’s not all! Piscine Global also wants to present the swimming pool as a true lifestyle choice. Because the pool’s time as ‘just a pool’ is well and truly over. Today, the user experience is the priority, whether it’s a private residential pool, a public pool, a water park, a fitness center. To cover the full scope of this new lifestyle choice, the Piscine Global offer extends across four areas: Residential, Commercial, Wellness and Outdoor.

The global Piscine Global network allows each of its trade shows to make the most of our high quality standards – in terms of organization and service – all while retaining a distinct personality. The goal of the new brand is also to boost visitor traffic between the different trade shows and to reinforce the power of our international offer. An offer that aims to be more global and inspiring, as well as fully focused on the theme of the pool and that of wellness.

Looking back at Piscine Global Europe 2016

Numerous activities, demonstrations and conferences marked this Piscine Global Europe trade show edition, presented for the first time by eight professional ambassadors. As always, conviviality reigned especially at the big evening awards ceremony. This event highlighted the best innovations and celebrated the success of this international gathering of pool and spa professionals.

Another key moment of the Piscine Global Europe 2016 trade show, the Pool Summit, brought together in one place different corporations, associations and federations from around the world. This international summit enabled key players in the market to meet, network and take stock of the state of the market in different countries and to analyze the latest trends.

While waiting for the next trade show, you can visit again Piscine Global Europe 2016…in infographics!

Future-oriented: focus on Piscine Global Europe 2018

If the 2016 trade show set new records for visitor numbers, Piscine Global Europe 2018 promises even more. 90% of visitors to the 2016 trade show intended to be there for the next one – and with good reason: 94% of them left particularly satisfied. Every professional had the chance to make numerous contacts to expand their networks internationally. 98 countries were represented: from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America and South America.

To better meet these participants’ expectations and needs, Piscine Global Europe 2018 will offer over 30 conferences and themed workshops dedicated to pool builders and also to private and public establishments. Naturally, the Pool Summit will take center stage, providing the opportunity to take stock of the pool and wellness markets, in Europe and worldwide. In terms of technical innovations and equipment, the 2018 show will welcome nearly 100 inventions across three pool-based testing zones. Finally, in terms of pool design and trends, more than 20 models will be presented – and that’s just a taste of what’s to come!

The new trade show represents the opportunity to find new ideas and to get in touch with the latest trends. But it’s also a chance for participants to develop their professional networks while promoting their products before thousands of visitors from the four corners of the globe.

By offering unique services and by addressing market news, innovation and the latest trends with the advice of numerous experts, Piscine Global Europe 2018 aims to meet every need a pool or wellness professional could have. The event will take place from 13 to 16 November 2018 at Eurexpo Lyon, in France.

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