Pool automation: how a connected pool can help you manage water filtration

Connected pool are more and more well-known! Today, we wish to explain how they can help you manage water filtration... for the best!

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The smart pool’s trend is growing with new technologies offering many solutions for pool professionals. Today, pool automation can also help you manage water filtration: discover how!

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Why managing water filtration is essential?

When it comes to pools, the health and safety of users is paramount. That means filtering the water regularly to ensure it’s clean and hygienic. If this isn’t done with due care and attention, harmful bacteria and micro-organisms can grow. These can turn the water green or cloudy, and worse, encourage diseases.

So filtration is essential – but traditional analogue systems are by no means straightforward. They must be programmed using complex calculations involving water temperature. But what if the sun comes out – and the water temperature changes? Then it’s back to the calculator to re-program the system. Get the maths wrong and you’ve got a dangerous, unattractive pool.

So why not just leave the filtration system running permanently? On a financial level, it’s simply not viable. Electricity is expensive, as are pool chemicals. A filtration system that’s wrongly programmed will eat up pool products at an alarming rate. The good news is that help is at hand, in the shape of pool automation.

The advantages of pool automation

Smart technology can control home appliances: fridges, heating, security – and now, also pools. A number of companies are exploring this avenue, creating smartphone apps that connect straight to the pool’s filter system. These allow the user to configure operating times at the touch of a button. What’s more, they’ll check that everything’s running smoothly and do calculations based on actual pool readings. So there’s no inconvenience or margin for error. Here are 4 advantages of pool automation...

A solution to improve water quality

A smart system will monitor water quality and ensure it’s filtered at optimum intervals. It will also ensure the correct doses of chemicals are released when necessary. It can even detect when the filter’s clogged or blocked and let you know. Goodbye guesswork and rough calculations – hello safe, clean water.

A cost-effective system

When filtration times are based on exact readings, the system can accurately calculate the optimum filtration required. That means the system’s only running as much as it needs to – and using the minimum amount of electricity. The system will also use the optimum amount of chemicals. In short, pool automation means lower bills and running costs.

A greener option

Automated filtration systems are also good for the planet. Less electricity used equals lower CO2 emissions. There’s also the benefit of minimum water usage. With traditional filtration systems, a mistake – for example, adding too many chemicals – can mean partially or completely re-filling the pool. So smart pools are contributing to sustainable development – another big plus.

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A more convenient solution

Who wants to spend hours making calculations or programming (and re-programming) the filtration system? Pool automation dispenses with both these time-consuming tasks, doing everything for you with a single tap to your smartphone. There’s no doubt that it’s a quicker, more convenient solution. One glance can tell you the exact status of your pool. Plus, you can manage filtration when you’re out or even on holiday. In a world where everything else is connected, why not the pool?

Meet two players in the pool automation market

Right now, there are many companies offering pool automation. At the Piscine Global Europe Trade Show 2016, we were proud to introduce Klereo and CCEI. Both businesses have made a splash in the connected pool market, bringing a range of innovative, user-friendly products to customers.

1/ Klereo

Klereo’s intelligent pool system covers more than just filtration. It offers a digital dashboard that:

  • controls water temperature, air temperature, the pH of the water, the disinfectant and the state of the filter;

  • administers the correct dose of chemicals;

  • controls heating and lighting;

  • manages a pool cleaning robot.

The system can even control when the garden is watered, regulate fountains, water slides and other features. Klereo’s technology is designed to work with any kind of pool (both above and below ground), and all kinds of filters.

One quick look on your phone can even tell you the level of chemicals and electricity that have been consumed. The digital dashboard is simple and intuitive, making life easier for users. If there’s a problem, the Klereo’ system will inform you right away. It sends an alert to your device, so you can act as quickly as possible.


CCEI is another business that’s exploring pool automation. It offers a number of products that allow customers to control their pool remotely.

  • The Meteor is a control panel that can be easily installed on the pool. This can be connected to an app via Bluetooth.

  • There’s also Zenit – a panel that can be installed in a house, pool house or terrace. It makes long-distance pool management possible and also connects to the CCEI app.

Pool automation is transforming the way swimming pools are filtered and managed. Technology’s evolving fast, making more and more possible. With a rapidly expanding market, there are more options than ever before. Is it time to get smart – and take the digital plunge?

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