10 fun facts about swimming pools!

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Ever wondered where you’ll find the biggest, deepest or highest pools in the world? If so, sit back and relax as Piscine Global brings you 10 fun facts about pools!


The highest pool in the world, in Singapore

1. The first cruise ship to boast a swimming pool was the transatlantic liner, the Adriatic, built in 1907. The ill-fated Titanic (1912) had one too.

2. Covering 30 acres, the pool at the Citystars Sharm El Sheik resort in Egypt is the biggest in the world. It took 21 days to fill and is the Guinness World Record holder.

3. Egypt is also where you’ll find the first depictions of swimming. They appear in hieroglyphics dating from 2500 BC.

4. Fast forward to Roman times and Gaius Maecenas. He was the first person to create a heated Jacuzzi-style pool (around 1 BC).

5. At 137 feet (42m), “Y-40 The Deep Joy” is the deepest pool in the world. You’ll find it at the Hotel Terme Millepini, near Padua, Italy.

6. The pool used for the London 2012 Olympic Games had a movable floor. Why? Because the depth of the water can affect competitors’ finishing times.

7. Scared of heights? Look away now. On the rooftop (57th floor) of the Marina Bay Sands Resort Hotel in Singapore, you’ll find a stunning infinity pool: the highest in the world.

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8. Meanwhile, in Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan, you’ll find the world’s oldest pool. It dates back to the 3rd millennium BC and is made from tight-fitting bricks, overlaid with bitumen.

9. The Library Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand, may well have the reddest pool in the world! The coloration is caused by the blend of red, yellow and orange tiles used in the pool’s structure.

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10. You might think that infinity pools are a relatively new invention – not so. Back in the early 1400’s, the Palace of Versailles’ Stag Fountain was built using the same concept.

We hope you enjoyed our 10 fun facts about pools!

Photo credit: Flickr / Silaskhua

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