Piscine Global Europe 2016: innovation in the spotlight

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For the last 30 years, Piscine Global has been an essential link for pool and spa professionals. Market evolution, the latest trends, new technologies, meetings, workshops… This sparkling event puts innovation in the spotlight every two years. Let’s look back at the key figures for Piscine Global Europe 2016!


A look at the evolution of the pool and spa market

When we slip on a pair of trunks or swimming costume and splash about in a pool, the innovations that have made this possible are often far from our thoughts. Today, we can control the quality and the temperature of the water with just a few clicks! Innovations have continuously driven the evolution of the pool market and have also helped the sector achieve a new record. So it makes total sense that innovations take pride of place at each Piscine Global Europe trade show.

Home automation: moving towards a connected pool!

During Piscine Global Europe 2016, all the latest innovations were accessible via the Piscine Innovation area and highlighted by awards. The Piscine Innovations – New Products category celebrated the most innovative projects, while the Piscine Innovations – Sustainable Development category draw attention to products that reduce the impact on the environment.

The Water Tests area offers an opportunity to dive into the current pool market through specific activities. Visitors can see the latest innovations and meet the exhibitors.

Innovations seducing visitors and exhibitors

Some 95% of visitors walked the aisles of Piscine Global Europe 2016 to discover the latest innovations and trends – and 81% left satisfied!

Furthermore, 94% of visitors and 80% of exhibitors found these innovations useful. In fact, the Piscine Innovations area was visited by more than 50% of visitors. In many ways, it’s a real success story: 93% of exhibitors thought that it was an excellent way to promote their new products.

Much more than a shop window, Piscine Global Europe is a place of exchange where new products can be pushed to the forefront of the international scene. It’s a springboard for many exhibitors: “It’s like a huge spotlight for products, giving worldwide exposure” explains Nicolas Desjoyaux, director of Piscines Desjoyaux.

A successful Piscine Innovations evening

Finally, the Piscine Innovations awards night was again a big success, with 89% of visitors and 77% of exhibitors appreciating this celebration. Awards were given for the following categories:

  • Maintenance
  • Building - set up
  • Equipment and basin accessories
  • Maintenance - filtering
  • Water Treatment
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Protection - security
  • Wellness
  • Outdoor / Living pool
  • Services

Among the winners, special mentions must go to Procopi’s innovative automatic cover Revodeck, Poolstar’s Fit’Pool – the ideal solution for cycling in the water without the need for a big pool – and Mobipool Desjoyaux’s floating pool.

Want to dive back into the Piscine Global Europe 2016 trade show? This way!

Surprising, spectacular or before their time, innovations continue to rock the norm – for pool professionals as well as pool users – and to influence the evolution of the pool and spa market. We can’t wait to see the latest revolutionary products at Piscine Global Europe 2018!

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