The evolution of the pool market over the last 40 years

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Today, the swimming pool is no longer a luxury product. As time’s passed, it’s attained mass appeal and become a leisure facility that’s available to all. Let’s take a look at the evolution of the pool market from the eighties to today!

First used for sport, the swimming pool is now for family leisure time


There was a time, not so long ago, when the swimming pool was mainly reserved for athletes. Breaststroke, crawl or butterfly, the idea was to do lengths. Today, people are far more interested in wellbeing and relaxation.

What’s more, they don’t want to waste time with endless cleaning! Thanks to new technologies that make pool upkeep easier, they can devote themselves to having fun in the pool with friends and family. The idea is to throw on trunks or a swimming costume after a long day at work, and retreat to the pool house to make the most of the pool facilities.

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The equipment that’s influenced the evolution of the pool market


Over the last 40 years, the pool market has changed considerably. Before, the sun was pretty much the only way to heat a pool. Today, heating systems mean we can use a pool for longer. And, thanks to automated systems, you can start automatic cleaning and adjust the temperature, filtration or lighting, all at the touch of a button. With this equipment, maintenance is so much easier!

Pools of new shapes and sizes

At the start of the eighties, most pools had a deeper diving area for serious swimmers. But today, as habits have changed, flat-based pools have become more popular. Ideal for playing and fun, they’re the perfect choice for children. You can even replace traditional steps with a bench to enjoy a refreshing dip. A semi-immersed ‘beach’ area is also a pleasant enhancement, allowing the youngest pool users to splash about in security. Pools are often smaller and less wide than 40 years ago, which means they can adapt to the size of the terrain. Today, pools are incorporated into the landscape and are used to embellish the house. Even plunge pools are becoming increasingly common!

Diving into the latest materials


Goodbye eighties tiling: hello modern low-maintenance materials. Today, pools are lined with reinforced PVC and flexible coatings. And to appeal to all aesthetic tastes, manufacturers have introduced new colors: after timeless white and blue, the trend is for light grey.

The products that have advanced the pool market

  • Heat pumps for heating pools appeared in the eighties. Prohibitively expensive when they first came onto the market, prices have now dropped – a pleasant development for all.
  • A pool cover is an indispensable accessory for a pool, providing security and protection. Although the basic concept hasn’t changed, pool covers can now be automated for greater convenience.
  • Electric robots have become a must, allowing you to clean the pool without lifting a finger!
  • In the last few years, filter blocks have become more common. Economical and easy to install, they’re replacing old hydraulic filtration systems.
  • Pools in ‘kits’ are easy to set up and ideal for DIY-ers, giving everyone access to their very own pool.

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In 40 years, the pool market has evolved steadily, making the pleasure of bathing accessible to all. With the advances of technology, there could be many more exciting changes to come. Watch this space…

Thanks to Pierre Giguet and Coralie Estève (ALOHA) for their assistance.

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