Sustainable development trends in the swimming pool sector

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Whether in a private or public pool, bathing in water that's clean and warm involves considerable energy consumption... and that directly impacts the environment. For many years now, manufacturers have been making remarkable efforts to align pool trends with sustainable development. Let's check out the latest trends!


Equipment for private pools

To enjoy swimming, whether amongst family or with friends, the cleanliness and temperature of the water are key. While certain regions enjoy hot weather, the heat is not always enough to raise the water temperature… Today, private pools can benefit from solutions which respect the environment.

Solar heating

Solar heating is a great solution that creates the ideal conditions for swimming, even when the sun has decided to hide away. Generally found in the form of carpets or panels, solar sensors are both ecological and economical!

Environmentally friendly pumps

No filter pumps, no swimming. But, to avoid using too much energy, there are efficient ecological pumps available: solar energy pumps which are linked to photovoltaic panels, and also submerged pumps which can tap into reservoirs of rainwater and oxygenate it.

Rainwater collectors

Another environmentally friendly system is the rainwater collector: with this kind of equipment, rainwater can easily be stocked in tanks, then treated for its acidity.

Ecological innovations for public pools

To make public pools more sustainable, their infrastructure must consume less energy. With this challenge in mind, innovations have flourished!

A system for capturing the heat of the data centers

Data centers, which house IT servers, produce heat which can be harvested and used to meet the energy needs of a public pool. For example, a very effective water-heating system has been installed at the pool at Butte-aux-Cailles in Paris. Thanks to the heat generated by a data center, bathers can enjoy a water temperature of 26°C (78°F) in winter.

The energy potential of sewers

Another amazing innovation uses the heat produced by sewers to warm the water in public pools. This ecological solution has already shown its worth in Paris' pool “Aspirant Dunand”!

To find out more about these two solutions, see our article on this subject!

Better insulation

To avoid heat loss, pool structures need to be better insulated. Older pools which need renovating present the ideal opportunity to incorporate more effective insulation. Thanks to work of this kind, the swimming center of Pierre Mendes France, near the city of Lyon (France), was able to achieve measurable energy cost-savings.

Optimized hydraulics

We already know all about covers with air cells that limit water evaporation when placed directly on the water. But today, there exist other ways of managing water needs. As Eric Guimbert of Procopi explains, optimized hydraulics enable us to achieve significant energy savings…

Eco-responsible water treatment

It’s essential to purify water to prevent pollution forming – and here too, pool and sustainable development trends are coming together.

Treating water by UV

To maintain an eco-responsible approach, one good option is UV water treatment. A purifier such as the UV/C Water purifier de VDL Hapro B.V., which was on show during Piscine Global Asia 2017, limits the use of chemicals.

Treating water with hydro-soluble sachets

Water treatment tablets manufactured by Lonza are another ecological innovation. Their strong concentration of chlorine means the end of bacteria! Enabling you to treat the whole pool without ever directly touching the product, they won an award at Pool Innovations 2016.

While we still have much to do to limit the impact of man on the environment, our sector never stops searching for ways to marry pool and sustainable development trends. A high priority, environmental responsibility will continue to have an important place at Piscine Global trade shows. If you want to find out more about the latest trends and the best innovations, come and see us at one of our trade shows!

Photo credit: Pixabay / Jonny_Joka

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