Piscine Global’s top 10 most read articles in 2017

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This year, we’ve explored the spa and pool market from all angles. So which articles were most read in 2017? Discover our top 10!


1/ Why the plunge pool’s winning fans…

The plunge pool trend is growing around the globe. Discover in this article why they’ve become so popular!

2/ Exploring alternative pool construction materials

Glass, aluminum, stone: who says swimming pools have to be made of concrete or fiberglass?

3/ Chromotherapy: the colorful trend appearing in all the latest spas

Imagine bathing not just in relaxing jets of water, but in gentle, health-enhancing light. This is chromotherapy – a growing wellness trend.

4/ Taking the digital plunge: how connected pools are creating new filtration solutions

Smart technology is making big waves in the pool market. Find out how you can control pool filtration through a device or phone.

5/ Solar heating: a cool idea for warming a pool

Domes, carpets, panels: solar heating solutions now come in all shapes and sizes. What’s more, they’re economical and good for planet too!

6/ The latest innovations in the spa industry

Today’s spas are expanding their offers to include exciting new treatments. From salt caves to sensory showers, there’s a whole world of innovations.

7/ 50 shades of blue: how to control the color of a pool

Brilliant turquoise, mysterious green or traditional aqua marine? Discover the tricks that can help you control the color of a pool.

8/ 4 activities that can attract more customers to public pools

These days, people come to pools to do more than swim. Here we showcase some of the new activities on offer. Very inspiring!

9/ Looking good – feeling fine: the outlook for the wellness industry

Essential reading for spa and pool professionals, we take a closer look at the health of the wellness industry.

10/ 5 good reasons to dive into the Asian pool market

Why is Asia proving to be such an exciting market? We give you the lowdown.

Check back here for more exciting Piscine Global stories about the spa and pool market in 2018!

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