Creating a water park: 6 “musts” to get it known

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The ROI on a water park is particularly rapid, especially if it is attractive. Today in the United States of America there are over 1,000 of them (1)! If you want to stand out in the crowd when creating a water park, here are some tips to ensure getting off on the right foot. As stated by Klaus Batz, Managing Director of European Waterpark Association, “it’s not a question of investing a lot of money, it’s a question of investing brainpower in good ideas.”


1. Define your target groups

A water park will inevitably attract different target groups which can generate conflicts of interest if too mixed. To segment your offer and design your park to match work on your targeting from the outset and understand what each target group expects. Plus, it will help you make your park’s market positioning clearer. 

Before starting a project also see “Design criteria for commercial pools” 

2. Propose innovative attractions

The public wants more than simple slides! By proposing innovating attractions, a water park extends its catchment area with an unstoppable sales pitch. Here are some examples of swimming pool innovations: Slideboarding (attraction mixing a water slide with a competitive game like a video game), surfboard simulators and Camelback Resort’s white water rafting attraction called Venus SlydeTrap, unique in the world… But watch out for competitors who will try to copy you! 

3. Provide extra services

Developing extra services kills two birds with one stone - additional sales and a richer experience for your visitors. A bar at the swimming pool, a spa space or a restaurant are easy ways to maximize park receipts while proposing quality time - and they also shorten queues for attractions!

4. Transform your park into a holiday resort

This extends Point 3 above. Knowing that on average the catchment area of a water park lies within a radius of 2 to 4 hours travelling time it is a good idea to provide accommodation. This way you attract visitors from further away for holidays as well as staycationers. 

For a “postcard” effect, pick the right plants! 

5. Manage visitor traffic intelligently

No visitors enjoy queuing for each attraction! So it essential to vary your offer and invest in activities accessible all the time, like wave pools, lazy rivers or games with water jets. Think about the layout so visitors are distributed efficiently around the park.

6. Create a theme universe

Tell a story! Theme concepts facilitate the creation and promotion of your water park’s brand image. Your visitors’ immersion and experiences will only be better. For instance, Rulantica, Germany’s Europa Park’s water park opens to visitors in 2019 in a typically Scandinavian universe. In addition to attractions, hotels, events, decorative art works and a wide range of services all contribute to building your brand awareness and image! 

Read this guide before building a water park!

Piscine Global Europe exhibits a galaxy of pool innovations you can use and welcomes a host of commercial pool creation specialists including the European Waterpark Association to meet! They are there to help and answer your questions! 

We would like to thank Klaus Batz for his time and expertise.

(1) H&LA : Waterparks: What’s on Deck in 2018?

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