Pool renovations, aka pool staging, are a good way to boost your sales

Pool renovation is a growing market and proposes 4 main segments to exploit. Discover them!

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Pool renovation, aka “pool staging” is a fast-growing trend – as shown in a survey of pool owners published by the French Swimming Pool and Spa Professionals Federation. The study highlights 4 main market development strategies for swimming pool manufacturers and suppliers.


Pool staging, a fast-growing trend!

An essential factor in gracious living and benefiting from a host of innovations in recent years swimming pools mirror their owners’ changing life styles. Modifications may be structural or simple add-ons but all qualify as renovations! In the USA, 40% of in-ground swimming pools date from the Nineties or the early 21st century (1), while in France, Europe’s biggest pool market, 70% of all in-ground pools are at least 10 years old (2).

This extremely favorable context opens new business opportunities for pool professionals focusing on performance upgrades, the modernization of functionalities, improvements to comfort… and styling! 

The 4 most booming pool staging segments 

As-is replacement

Pools owners mostly say they’re satisfied with their initial acquisition and consider they got good advice when they built their pools. So it is quite natural for them to replace worn liners, pumps and filter with identical components. This accounts for 1 intervention in 2

Improvements to equipment

Although they are mostly satisfied, they are nevertheless interested in simplifying pool usage, saving on energy and improving comfort: 47% of pool staging projects include equipment upgrades. The most popular are innovations related to heating, water treatment and smart pools. To highlight these innovations, Piscine Global Europe 2018 will dedicate a whole section to them - the Pool Innovations Promenade


Maybe the existing pool no longer meets the owners needs and major structural changes are required. For example to make a plunge pool, reduce depth, install a shelter… More and more pool users are interested in wellbeing - a great opportunity to install balneotherapy equipment. The Piscine Global Europe 2018 Wellness Expo will feature a wide choice of ideas to propose to your customers!


Many owners want to restyle their pool! Truly an extension to their homes, pools are decorative items in their own right and a delight for the eyes. The surrounds, the color and the lighting all contribute to a special universe in which the owners feel most at home. The Pool Design Awards, an architectural contest run during Piscine Global Europe 2018, will have a category dedicated to the most beautiful pool renovations.

Ready to include pool staging in your sales approach? Piscine Global Europe 2018 is the ideal place for defining your strategy. Pool staging is one of the main themes at our conferences! Don’t miss out!

(1) Aqua Magazine: Does the Future Hold 25 Million New Pools?
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Photo credit: © Scott WIlliams / stock.adobe.com

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