Promote your aquafitness sessions with the right arguments!

Aquafitness is an ideal pool trend to exploit when attracting new clients in a public pool. Here is how you can convince your different targets to join your new aquafitness courses!

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Aquafitness is one of the most recent crowd-pulling swimming pool trends. France is now the biggest market in Europe in this field. Tonic and draining, in-water gymnastics interest (almost) everyone and are an excellent way to attract new clients. But you must use the right arguments! Here is a list of the most probable users to target.


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Aquafitness for… pregnant women

Pregnancy has a downside – back pains, heavy legs, etc. For safety reasons, many sports are forbidden but aquafitness is not, providing the exercises on the program are suitable.

Aquafitness relaxes, relieves back pain as the body is supported by the water in the pool and prepares the mother-to-be for an easier birth. Additionally, aquafitness sessions after childbirth (minimum 1 month afterwards) gently strengthen body muscles. A good way of building customer loyalty!  

Aquafitness for… seniors

The choice of sports for the elderly is limited by the weakness of their bodies. As aquafitness is impact-free your customers cannot hurt themselves!

Exercises for seniors in an aquatic environment ease movement, relieve rheumatism and prevent osteoporosis (particularly common in menopaused women). Moreover, as aquafitness sessions are in groups, it contributes to eliminating seniors’ social isolation through regular meetings between your customers. A meaningful argument.

Aquafitness for… overweight people

Goodbye extra pounds! The great advantage of water sports is that they use more energy than sports on the ground although your customers feel they are using less! The resistance of the water makes the muscles work much more, except that the body is 2/3rds lighter! (2). Aquafitness is the ideal solution for encouraging this target group to get into sports gently. Visible results come quite rapidly - and it is also a great way to eliminate extra pounds and put “New Year resolutions” into effect!

Aquafitness for all!

A fit body helps you enjoy life to the full. Too much lazing in a couch kills fitness. 40% of adults sit or lie down for over 7 hours during the day (3). Lack of movement creates muscular and articular tensions, a general lack of energy and is the gateway to cardiovascular diseases… 

The accessibility and fun aspects of aquafitness make this pool trend very attractive to a population increasingly worried about its health and so overwhelmed by the number of sporting choices available so it decides to do nothing. Moreover, immersion in water helps to evacuate stress, so aquafitness is a good solution for everyone going through a difficult period.

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Do you want more details about this swimming pool trend before taking the plunge? From 13 to 16 November 2018, Piscine Global Europe 2018 will stage the Aquafitness Show in a zone entirely dedicated to live demonstrations of the latest aquafitness innovations with Hayward and Fluidra.

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