Aromachology - a new dimension for wellbeing in pools and spas

When spa innovation meet the influence of scent on human emotions: meet aromachology, a great way to offer a true break to your clients!

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You probably know about aromatherapy, but have you heard of its little sister aromachology? This science concerns the influence of scents on human emotions and is ideal for swimming pools and spas where the top priority is customer wellbeing. Provided you know how to use it!


Benefit from the growth of the wellness industry!

Aromachology, a spa innovation with a host of benefits 

Relatively recent, aromachology should not be confused with its neighbor aromatherapy which uses essential oils to look after the physical body. More subtle than aromatherapy, aromachology explores the link between smells and emotions and minds.

This spa innovation is based on our incredible capacity to integrate sensory information via the sense of smell. Florence Hammer, aromatologist at Esensia, explains how this technique works: “The olfactory perception of essential oils effortlessly short-circuits our mind, creating a bridge between our interiority and our consciousness. It awakes hidden emotions and memories and is a gateway for our imagination. The nose contains thousands of sensors which collect the odors and store them in our sensory memory for a very long time. It is like the smell of hot cross buns!”

Using appropriate fragrances in swimming pools and spas makes it possible to reinforce feelings sought by the customer, particularly when associated with chromotherapy. Usually used to calm the mind, they also stimulate creativity, the memory and concentration (and relieve blocked noses during winter!).

Diffuse the benefits of aromachology everywhere

As odors diffuse particularly well in moist heat, Turkish baths, saunas, swimming pools, balneotherapy centers and spas can easily adopt this innovation. Scents can be diffused in the air or directly in water: “You can perfume the water in a swimming pool with essential oils only if the water is purified by the electrolysis of salt or by ozone. It is not possible if the water contains chlorine which destroys the benefits of the plant’s aromatic molecules”, explains Florence Marteau.

All the reception areas in spa centers can harness the force of aromachology to put their customers in the best possible mindsets for their treatments.

Which scents do what?

Every individual has his or her own olfactory memories. Some odors will take them back to childhood or their favorite holiday destination. Although memories are specific, there nevertheless exist scents on which everyone agrees. Florence Hammer gives some advices:

  • Use the scents of lavender, ylang-ylang, geranium or roses to calm and restore harmony.
  • Use narrow-leaved peppermint and bay laurel to boost energy and purify the respiratory tracts. 
  • Tangerine and lemon invigorate the nervous system, drive out negative emotions and restore joy and optimism (only use in olfactory diffusion as they can irritate the skin and cause photosensitivity).

Discover aromachology at Piscine Global Europe 2018!

Aromatologist Florence Marteau will propose olfactory sessions during the show. For 15 minutes, participants can go on a sensorial trip to better understand its attraction. A great way to take a break for a moment of wellbeing.

An original experience not to be missed!

Sensory deprivation: another wellness trend to offer!

Aromachology is only one of the many existing innovations for spas designed to enhance your marketing potential. Find all the latest spa innovations at Piscine Global Europe. Wellness will have its own section at the show!

Our thanks to Florence Marteau from Esensia for her contribution.

Photo credit: Pixabay / Xbqs42

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