A host of innovations for pool and spa markets!

What new about innovation in pool and spa market? Discover the latest trends in this sector!

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The next Piscine Global Europe fair, the most important international swimming pool and spa show for professionals, is almost here and the big focus will be on innovation. But before you stroll along our Pool Innovations Promenade to check out this year’s innovations here is a brief review of what’s new in pools and spas.


What’s new in... pool construction

Boosted by the fast growth in pool-staging (pool renovations) and the technical challenges of smaller and smaller spaces, manufacturers outshine each other to find increasingly ingenious solutions and re-invent the pool concept. Pool structures, construction methods and liners have evolved to meet new demands, like the blooming plunge-pools trend. Innovative pools care also for their looks by a wider choice of new building materials and the integration of external elements directly into the pool structure, for example the shutter trunk.

What’s new in… pool maintenance 

Better and better water treatment, filtration and maintenance systems to meet the needs of owners looking for innovative pools that are not just clean from a medical point of view but environmentally friendly too. Every day solutions which respect nature and users are launched – eco-friendly pumps, alternative water treatments, air quality improvers and increasingly powerful cleaning robots… 

What’s new in… pool safety 

Legal obligations for commercial swimming pools that differ from country to country are good news for manufacturers who now market increasingly safer dedicated equipment. Pool innovations in this field concern 4 main security equipment sectors - alarms, barriers, roofs and shutters, some of which can be operated by cell phones. Access for the disabled is also facilitated by a wider choice of specialized equipment.

What’s new in… pool equipment and accessories

Pool users no longer wait for the warm summer days to enjoy the water, nor are they satisfied with doing just a few lengths. Now they live in and around their pools! Manufacturers can free their creativity to make them welcoming and integrate them into their surroundings. Pool accessory innovations include lighting such as LED, sound systems and eco-responsible water temperature management. Outdoor installations, paving and furniture all have improved designs, enabling real personalization.

What’s new in… connected pools

Symbol of the last decade, smart homes delegate repetitive or boring tasks to technology – and so do smart pools. This fast-growing market impacts all aspects of pools and spas - safety, pool maintenance and also construction as increasingly high-performance software facilitates design and reduces margins of error. New machine learning systems are available which adapt themselves very quickly to all pools and usage patterns.

What’s new in… wellness

Another leading trend in pool and spa innovation is wellness, reinvented every day to meet steadily increasing demands from users. Spas are always on the lookout for innovations like aromachology and sensory deprivation to attract new customers, while fitness centers and commercial swimming pools adopt increasingly more advanced equipment to enrich their aquafitness (a market in great shape), sauna and Turkish bath facilities. At the Piscine Global Europe show we have organized a dedicated Wellness Exhibition

All these swimming pool and spa innovations for every market sector will be on show at Piscine Global Europe 2018 on our exhibitors’ stands in a dedicated circuit. The best of them will be awarded Pool Innovations Trophies during the show. Swimming pool professionals - this unique event is a “must”!

Photo credit: © zhu difeng / stock.adobe.com

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