Pool professionals: discover 4 ways to boost your sales at Piscine Global Europe 2018!

Find out how to boost your sales with our dedicated conferences during Piscine Global Europe 2018! A must for pool suppliers.

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Would you like to boost your sales? The Pool Academy space at pool show Piscine Global Europe 2018 could give you solutions to your marketing questions! The 45-minute Academy lectures are run by professionals for professionals. The broad choice of topics all have a single goal - to help you develop your business as a pool supplier. Here’s what you can look forward to.


Develop your digital communication!

Presented by Valentin Blanchot, Editor-in-chief of French Siècle Digital media, the workshop called “organize your presence on social networks” will give you all the keys you need to maximize the visibility of your company to prospective customers.

Learn how to make the most of the power of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to develop an affordable digital communication strategy. The discussions will also cover the latest technological trends you can use: vocal assistants, Augmented Reality… There are so many opportunities for pool suppliers to discover during our pool show!

Target groups: company owners, communication/marketing managers

Why should pool specialists create an online store?

Stand out in the crowd!

Yaka-Consult founder and trainer Miguel Silva will present two workshops: “How to adopt an effective business strategy to increase your sales?” and “Identify my added value”. The objective is to highlight what makes you outstanding so as to win market share and ensure the sustainable growth for your business!

Swimming pool and spa trades are changing towards building consumer loyalty. Learn how to detect the added value of your know-how and your products and how to build it into your sales strategy. The lecture will teach you a methodology and show you how to build your personal priority action plan.

Target groups: company owners and managers, communication/marketing managers, sales managers

What questions do customers ask when buying a swimming pool?

Eliminate seasonal fluctuations!

Presented by SBC CONSULTANTS corporate strategy and development consultant Sebastien Carensac, the “How to make your offer live throughout the year?” workshop explains how to palliate the seasonal fluctuations inherent in pool building and guarantee coherent sales all year long.

This workshop will help you understand why and how to diversify your business by looking at key indicators like the analyses of your sales and by questioning your customers. You will get an overview of the moneymaking services and products to highlight and learn how to make the most of the lean periods to grow your company.

Target groups: company owners, sales managers

How can you create a year-round offering?

Transform your retail outlet!

Cross Agency retail outlet concept service manager Flora Huguet will run the “Enhance your products and make your brands live at your point of sale!” workshop which aims to help pool suppliers to boost their sales by increasing their visibility and the attractiveness of the products and services they sell in-store.

The workshop explains how to re-fit retail outlets in an effective and relevant way by zoning, flow, customer circuit, signs, etc. The importance of attractive surroundings will also be discussed and the ways in which you can boost your products. All “musts” for recruiting new customers!

Target groups: store owners, merchandising managers

Check out all the conferences taking place during pool show Piscine Global Europe 2018!

If you are a pool professional and have identified one or more Piscine Global Europe 2018 workshops of interest, just click on our dedicated page for times and dates. To book your place, send us an e-mail to [email protected]. Don’t wait until the last minute as the number of places is limited!

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