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The Pool Summit, a “must” swimming pool, sector event, will be held on November 14th at Piscine Global Europe 2018.

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The Pool Summit, a “must” swimming pool, sector event, will be held on November 14th at Piscine Global Europe 2018. A unique opportunity for all pool professionals* to consider the market from another angle - this year, the point of view of a sociologist on the part played by swimming pools in society and the thoughts of an architect on way swimming pool designs evolved.


Swimming pools have profound societal values

In the history of mankind and the arts, water has always been omnipresent. Used since Antiquity to promote wellbeing, for example with Greek hydrotherapy, private and public pools are part of everyone’s life today.

Anne-Sophie Gomez, a researcher in sociology, will lead a conference entitled “My Pool, my work of art” an atypical portrait of pools through their artistic and cultural images and their place in society. An ideal opportunity to review the image of swimming pools in our collective memories and understand their emotional and sociological impact better.

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Swimming pools are factors in designs and architecture 

An essential part of 20th century domestic architecture, private swimming pools outrival each other for ingenuity and elegance in modern architectural projects. In 2018 the Domestic Pools exhibition at the Villa Noailles (France) is a good way to discover the sometimes futuristic evolution of private pool design and architecture and evokes the technical challenges faced by swimming pools today.

The manager of the Domestic Pools exhibition, Benjamin Lafore, will lead a discussion and conference at the Pool Summit on “Swimming pools: stars of design”. He will evoke the point of view of an architect on the multiple facets of swimming pools today.

Imagined by and for professionals, the Pool Summit is for international swimming pool sector leaders and decision makers (federations, Majors Club members, architects and journalists). You must register before October 15th by contacting us at this e-mail address!

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