Some insights about new customers' needs for pool industry

Knowing what customers want provides a good opportunity to better position offers on the pool market… and boost pool sales!

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At Piscine Global Europe 2018, the FPP, represented by Gilles Mouchiroud and Joelle Pulinx, tried to make pool professionals more aware of what are French pool customers' needs. Their conference aims to anticipate demands so as to position offers by pool professionals on the pool market better… and boost pool sales! We list below the main points of this conference.


Purchasing intentions to bear in mind

For the 450,000 French homes intending to buy a residential pool in the next 3 years, in-ground pools account for 56% of purchase intentions. A majority of homes (56%) have already defined a budget - on average 17,700 euros. 47% of homes will pay cash, 41% will get a loan.

39% of intending purchasers prefer above-ground pools. The majority of homes in this category (55%) have not defined a budget and most of the future purchasers (85%) intend to buy without a loan.

Last but not least, the FPP indicates that the budget envisaged does not only comprise the swimming pool, but also everything that revolves around this universe: curbstones, pool beach, cleaning robot, heating, lighting, garden furniture… Consumers make a deliberate choice to integrate comfort in their overall budget. What new customers need is clear - smaller, better equipped pools.

The evolution of the pool market over the last 40 years

Best selling equipment in the residential pool market

Currently, 86% of in-ground pools have a cover, 75% a cleaning system and 58% automated water treatment. The equipment for which consumers expressed the highest percentage of purchasing intentions includes heat pumps, automated chlorine and pH corrector injection systems and automated roller shutters.

Consumers are very interested in automated systems, although the FPP says that they are mostly high-end products. It will take a few years for the general public to assimilate smart pools.

This is also the case of pool professionals as many cannot yet or do not want to meet these demands. The reasons are many but include the management of customer service for this equipment, as problems take time to analyze and solve. It can slow the pool sector’s growth in these technologies.

Most consumers prefer to use the services of a pool professional (but it requires extra vigilance)

All projects considered, 50% of future residential pool purchasers plan to use a pool manufacturer or builder. 8% will use a mason, and 21% have not yet decided. The other points of purchase mentioned include supermarkets selling pools, builder merchants – and DIY.

42% of purchasers will have a pool professional install the totality of their swimming pool and another 40% will use a professional for assistance with their project. 17% of future purchasers envisage doing the whole job themselves.

Buying a swimming pool: what questions do customers ask?

80% of purchasers will consult professionals, but the FPP says the pool industry must be particularly attentive when dealing with customers as the web enables consumers to get preliminary information (which is why it is interesting to create your own on-line shop!). It is up to pool professionals to highlight their expertise. This is the way to promote the pool manufacturer and builder solution to counter all the possibilities now open to consumers.

Understanding your future customers' needs is the best way to develop sales for pool industry!

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