How hotels can develop their business using wellness service providers

To meet customers' needs about wellbeing without eroding their treasury, there is an alternative for hotels: wellness service providers!

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If the flourishing wellness phenomenon has convinced hundreds of hotels and holiday accommodation owners to acquire spas, some do not have the funding required to buy into the trend – and/or lack the space. To meet customers' needs without eroding their treasury, they now have an alternative! The market for wellness service providers is booming!


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Solutions adapted to the multiple challenges of the hotel business

All hotels meet at least one of these needs:

  • Sales development: to face increasingly high overheads, diversifying sources of income boosts profits, maintains financial autonomy and enables sustainable growth.

  • Image development: with the Web, stimulating person to person recommendations are vital. Today, after the price, the customer opinions left on a digital platform are the second most important decision factor when guests make a booking (1). A future customer’s experience begins with first impression on the Web, and continues throughout the stay!

  • Meeting new customers' needs: the real question is how to stand out in a crowd of competitors by creating a “buzz” effect by offering additional services to attract new customers, improving the customer experience and generating personal recommendations.

  • Turnkey services: guests travelling for business or pleasure all want the same thing – hassle-free stays. Hotels need to focus on facilitating the customer experience by proposing all-in services!

As it is difficult to internalize every conceivable service, a good idea is to outsource them to service providers, particularly when they are wellness specialists!

The benefits of wellness service providers for hotel business

In addition to the fact of adding something new, wellness services have very specific advantages, the main ones being:

Simple, fast installation

“Wellbeing is riding high, but usually wellness in hotels means spas. But there are so many more possibilities for hotels with space or funding problems, apart from spas!” explains Amma seated massage expert Annabelle Patrier.

Calling in specialized wellness providers who bring their own equipment is low cost… and can generate higher profits!

Boost consumption

Proposing additional services to customers boosts incomes from bars, restaurants and food stores. And even more so when they focus on wellbeing! “Thanks to wellness services, customers are more relaxed and less likely to leave the hotel for entertainment. For example, an evening massage service will incite customers to eat “in house” rather than going out” says Annabelle Patrier. “I also work during brunches to open up new sales opportunities as this creates an activity at what is usually a slack time.”

To put it another way, the longer your guests stay around, the more they are likely to spend!

Original activities for corporate seminars

Not all companies are sports-minded. Why not be different by proposing seminars offering wellness services – activities accessible to all which relax stressed employees. One way to become a driving force in organizing seminars for local businesses.

Taking a look at the wellness and spa world with some telling figures

Setting up a wellness service

Customers increasingly demand wellness and there are a host of possibilities available including not just Amma seated massages but yoga and aromatology sessions… The choice is vast! “In my job I propose mental and emotional relaxation through essential oils. I run collective one hour sessions or 20 minute individual sessions. They are ideal for the management of customers’ stress and relaxation! ” explains Florence Marteau, aromatologist at Esensia.

From a logistics point of view few means are necessary as long as the activity is held in a quiet place - “it must be visible to make people want to participate – but not too many at once so as not to get in the way of the other guests in the hotel” warns Annabelle Patrier.

From the outset the choice of the right economic model is vital. Either the hotel invoices all or part of this service to its guests or it provides it free of charge.

Whatever the wellness service you choose, the essential is to tell people about it! Social networks, banners in your prospection e-mailing shots, leaflets at your reception desk… To promote what you are doing, leave nothing to chance! A great way for hotel industry to meet new customer's needs and maximize the customer experience.

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Our thanks to Annabelle Patrier and Florence Marteau for their contribution.

(1) Customer Alliance Resources: Quel est le coût d’un avis négatif pour votre hôtel ?

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