Spa innovations in furnishings which transform the ambiance

Discover simple to install spa innovations that can replace more traditional items of furniture!

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Changing ordinary surroundings into true vectors of wellbeing is the strategy of several exhibitors at Piscine Global Europe 2018. Discover the benefits of this new spa trend in wellness centers and hotels, and the frontline equipment on which spa managers and manufacturers can capitalize!


High value-added for hotels and spa centers

These spa innovations can be added to other existing spa services or proposed in open access to customers in any establishment wanting to upsell wellness. All are wellbeing products with high value-added. All create the well-known “wow!” effect and help purchasers stand out in the crowd of competitors.

Easy to install, these spa innovations have the great advantage that they can be used at will without supervision and are so compact that they can replace more traditional items of furniture!

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Spa trends observed at Piscine Global Europe 2018

Relax beds


Customers stretch out on these innovative beds filled with sand, salt, water or steam often combined with other technologies for massage, chromotherapy, music therapy and aromatherapy. An innovation shown by exhibitors Inbeca and Iso Benessere, who told us that their clients are mostly hotels looking for products that are easy to install and requiring little maintenance.

Infra-red armchairs


Manufacturers Inbeca and Alpha Wellness Sensations both presented infra-red deckchairs at Wellness Expo. The gentle infra-red heat can relieve pains in the joints, contribute to their cure and alleviate muscular stresses and strains. This spa innovation is ideal after physical efforts, for example in the ski resorts!

Sensory showers

Sensory showers to replace shower cubicles! These spa innovations unveiled at Piscine Global Europe 2018, in particular by Inbeca which supplies hotels, holiday flats and spas, give customers a new experience through a wide range of stimulations - heat, touch, aural and olfactive.

Halotherapy walls

Salt works miracles on the skin and in the respiratory tracts – and also has relaxing properties! Halotherapeutic salt walls, a spa trend this year presented by several exhibitors including Ki life and Alpha Wellness Sensations, do not inevitably need a salt mine! They can be integrated into a sauna or an infra-red cabin.

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While the general public always appreciates the great classics like saunas and Turkish Baths, it also enjoys innovations. These simple to install spa innovations boost market shares without impacting the treasury of spas and hotels!

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