What equipment do you need to supply to sell sports pools to your clients?

Check out the main innovations in sports pools exhibited at Piscine Global Europe 2018!

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Private swimming pools are usually used for family fun but can easily be converted for athletes needing daily workouts. Equipment and accessories dedicated to sports pools are more and more sophisticated and many were exhibited at Piscine Global Europe 2018! Check out the main innovations in this sector below you can use to develop your pool business.


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Sports pools and spas 

Also called “lap pools” these mini-pools feature countercurrent systems and have been popularized by the plunge-pool trend. These “all-in-one” installations were in particular presented at the last edition of Piscine Global Europe in 2018 by Endless Pools and Infinity SwimSpa. The manufacturers strive for new heights of ingeniousness so that swimmers can fight low turbulence currents while being kept effortlessly on the surface.

Countercurrent systems

Pumps and turbines transform any swimming pool into a training ground for amateur swimmers and professional athletes. They are easy to install – and easily affordable! The challenge for manufacturers like Binder HydroStar consists in creating spray-free natural currents which support the body in a uniform way so users can concentrate on their swimming technique. 

Aquafitness equipment

As the aquafitness trend is growing fast, there are more and more products available to meet the demand. Aquabikes and X-trainers are becoming ever more perfected and other innovative products find their niches in the swimming pool market – like, for example, Fit4Water inflatable yoga and aquafitness mats, Walter Piscine for pool trampolines and Poolstar walkers. Poolside clip-ons, like Cardi'eau abdo boards, are easy bodybuilding add-ons

Sports pool accessories

Offers abound for customers with low budgets and pool owners who do not want to clutter their pools. Originally used in aquafitness sessions in public pools, pool accessories like Planet Aqua elastic cords and Cardi'eau weights are selling well to private owners. During Piscine Global Europe 2018, pool professionals also discovered the waterproof in-pool exercise guide “L’aquagym de Leslie” – a good way to make extra sales!

Click to find out more about the "L'aquagym de Leslie" guide

Galvanized by everyone’s growing awareness of the need for fitness and the many benefits of in-water workouts, the sports pool sector is growing fast. Pool companies can grow with the trend!

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