Dive into our blog to discover these 5 new pool trends!

Convivial, trendy, sporting, ecological and innovating, check out the latest 5 pool trends with our ultimate guide!

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Convivial, trendy, sporting, ecological and innovating, pools are continually reinvented to match trends as they occur. Check out the 5 universes already reorganizing the pool industry in a selection of articles on our blog!


The cocoon family pool 


Owners want their pools to be fun for all the family and a true haven of peace – a place to meet up and be yourself in a friendly atmosphere – a pleasure for the eyes, the pleasure of sharing and safety measures to protect the users. See our articles on these themes.

As consumers want more comfort and friendliness, hybrid pool and spa concepts could well be the new swimming trend!

Your customers not only want a pool, but a unique ambiance, magnified by a well-designed and intelligently integrated pool house. Here are 5 superb and inspiring pool houses.

To create a true paradise around the pool, here are 5 ways to integrate plants. A perfect backdrop for an enchanting swim!

Automation is changing the way the pool business is developing! Discover which solutions to propose to private owners who want maximum safety for their families and know that connectivity is the solution.

The trendy pool


The personalization of a swimming pool through its design is a major concern for all private owners and architects. Colors, materials, shapes, coatings… The possibilities are as vast as human imagination!

Pool design is a major Piscine Global Europe theme. Flashback on the concepts of use, experience and integration into their surroundings.

For pool professionals, the color of water in a pool is now increasingly important as it dictates overall pool design!

Consult our guide to less traditional pool building materials to use in your future projects.

LED bulbs are gradually invading the pool market. Why? How? Piscine Global Europe reports on this new trend! 

More economic, more ecological, more practical and easier to service, plunge pools are increasingly popular with consumers!

The sport pool


Private owners attach more and more importance to looking after themselves. Wellbeing and wellness are center-stage and pools are ideal for sports! Here’s how to convert a leisure pool into a pool for sports.

Aquafitness (or aquagym) is increasingly popular - and even essential!

See the latest pool innovations at Piscine Global Europe 2018. Good ideas to meet the needs of your customers!

The eco-friendly pool


Pool owners are becoming just as aware of the need to protect nature as the rest of the population. Awareness impacts pool management too. Between new materials, innovations in energy and ecological water treatments, there are a host of new possibilities today.

Do you want to reduce the impact of your customers’ pools on the environment? Discover the latest trends in swimming pools and sustainable development!

Between new water treatment products and innovative filtration systems, making pools eco-friendly is becoming affordable – and easier.

Heating pools can be expensive. Solar energy is an ideal solution for eco-friendly heating!

Maintenance, lighting, coatings… Professionals propose more and more options to make pools eco-friendly! See our review of these new pool trends.

The 4.0 pool


Last but not least, pools can be connected by the internet. Customers are attracted by the automation of pool management, opening up a new pool market segment!

Boost your business with the latest trends in pool construction, maintenance, safety, and so on!

In smart pools you can automate all off-putting maintenance tasks! A dream come true thanks to progress in domotics.

Connected pools are here to stay – and ideal for optimizing pool water filtration!

All these new trends in the pool sector renew this industry, challenge the existing players and encourage newcomers. Check out these five universes in our 2018 Inspirations Guide with comments from 5 experts on what makes pools ideal and illustrated by with new products presented at Piscine Global Europe 2018!

Download our 2018 Inspirations Guide

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