The two deepest diving pools in the world will soon be open!

Two new diving pools with futuristic designs will soon beat the record of the deepest pool Deep Joy Y-40.

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The Deep Joy Y-40 pool in Italy will not be the deepest diving pool in the world for long. Despite its 42.5-meter depth, two new diving pools with futuristic designs will beat this record soon! These two European projects compete with each other to meet the technical challenges they face. News sure to interest the boldest pool architects!


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Deepspot, the new waterpark for divers in Poland


Planned to open in the fall of 2019, this pool in Mszczonów, Poland, is designed to host all deep diving fans. Beginners, athletes and professional divers alike will all enjoy its depth of 45 meters and 8,000cu.m. of water – 27 times more than traditional pools! It takes 1.100 tons of steel to support this huge construction.

The design of this innovative diving pool houses artificial caves to recreate real diving conditions and an underwater tunnel so that visitors can observe the divers without getting wet. The complex will also feature conference rooms and a hotel with views onto the pool.

This new diving pool will set the world record of the deepest pool… but only for a few months!

Blue Abyss, the English diving pool dedicated to exploring the limits of the human body

One of a kind, this diving pool will open in Colchester, England, in 2020. Reserved for professionals, the center will become a benchmark site for training for marine and space exploration and will also be used by researchers and scientists. Fifty meters deep, the pool holds 42.000cu.m. of water.

Blue Abyss will have a sliding roof to enable the insertion of submarines and be provided with a host of scientific equipment such as positive and negative pressure chambers, a microgravity room, a training center for astronauts and more conventional facilities like classrooms and a hotel. This new water center will be very stylish as it was designed by architect Robin Partington, famous for the Gherkin in the City of London!

The pool sector goes on pushing back design boundaries and inventing new technologies. When will the depth record be broken again? While waiting, read these 10 surprising anecdotes about pools!

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